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does blowing smoke out the window work if you,re smoking a blunt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BigFrealz8885, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. is my room gonna stink if i sit next to my window and blow the smoke outside my window and spray a little febreeze

  2. Yeah, blunts and joints are the worst when it comes to smell. The constant burn just fills everything up with smoke.
  3. Unless that blunt stays out the window with a fan blowing out the window the keep the smoke from blowing back in then yes it's gonna reek in there.

    And when it comes to covering up the smell just febreeze won't cut it, (in my experience it just smells like febreeze and weed) Your best bet is to use a few different smelling cleaners/deodorants so whoever your hiding it from can't pick out the weed scent. A friend of mine calls that smell warfare.
  4. Depends on if you have showered lately.
  5. swishers tend to have that bluntwrap smell linger. other brands not too sure
  6. Why would smoke from a blunt smell?
  7. In my younger days I made the mistake of trying to smoke a blunt indoors. Don't.

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