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does blockbuster drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by finch37465, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. does anyone know whether or not blockbuster drug tests? i went without smoking for a month to get a job elsewhere but more than likely i wont get that job. i just turned in my application today and will be notified by monday hopefully as to whether or not i got the job. since i didnt get the other job and it doesnt say specifically on the application that a pre-job drug test will be administered and the manager didnt mention one, im hoping that they dont. they do do incident based drug testing if i were to get injured or something like that. thats the only mention of drug testing. if anyone who has worked at blockbuster or knows anyone that has worked at blockbuster and could provide an answer, it would be greatly appreciated. i want to smoke so badly
  2. not sure if they do but if you've gone a month already whats another 3 days?
  3. The founder of blockbuster is a pioneer and advocate of workplace drug testing...your damn skippy they piss test you..
  4. thank you for the input but is that from experience or just assuming? its nice to know that and ive decided against smoking but id still like to know
  5. No its a sure thing, i was gonna get a job there until my friend who works there told me they piss test...Nowadays pretty much any big company and even small ones will drug test.
  6. No they dont drug test.

    If anything its a stoner dream job.

    My friend recently applied and got hired.

    No drug tests, and free movies and snacks, pretty chill.
  7. conflicting evidence itt
  8. From my experience DTs depend on who's in charge of the company. Place where I work (car dealership) normally do, but they didnt.
  9. for some reason I thought they did. But maybe they have the same thing going as Holleywood video. I just got a job there. In their application that make you agree to take a drug test if they want you to. But in reality, they just say that so that if anything happens at work they can. I just a got a job at Holleywood and they didn't test me at all.
  10. bumping this thread haha. just wondering if blockbuster ever drug tested the original poster. i'm thinking of applying there. if they tell me they drug test i'm just gonna straight out say "ohh...that's gonna be a problem, thanks anyway!" and leave.
  11. BLockbuster was on the list of places that drug test in my state, I used the link provided above.

    Just a head up, every state is different, it depends on who gives a fuck.
  12. i recently worked at bb..and i did not get tested
    this does not mean that every bb will not drug test
    if you are worried about it dont smoke for another little bit and be confident that IF they test you youll pass
    if you are familiar with any one that works there you can ask them if THEY got tested

    good luck!
  13. haha thanks for the info skittlette. my brother used to work at the one i would apply at (boone, nc, hippy place if you know where it is) but he doesn't smoke, and it is awkward talking to him about smoking, but i might ask him anyway. i haven't really smoked that much lately, i go running on a frequent basis, and have a pretty good metabolism, so i honestly don't think i have anything to worry about :). thanks guys!
  14. My exgf worked at Blockbuster up until just a few months ago and I'm pretty sure she didn't get drug tested, she used to smoke with me all the time and I know at least one of her coworkers was a pothead too.
  15. Sorry for the bump, but I just applied and there was no mention of a drug test during the application process.
  16. blockbuster?!?!? i doubt it. how would they expect you to watch the 10+ movies a week for reviewing!?!??! plus, i have friends who work there and they definitely wouldn't pass a drug test, so the answer my friend, is no! hahaha
  17. pretty sure they dont drug test, i applied there yesterday and i didnt have to consent to one

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