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Does blazing keep you awake sometimes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Getboged, May 2, 2011.

  1. I love blazing and sleeping, usually it works out well and I wake and bake a lot. But sometimes when I bong before I go bed, I can't fall asleep. Does that ever happen to you?
  2. ahh yes,
    this means you must have a few more hoots.
    nighty night :smoke:
  3. Yeah, sometimes.
  4. Yes, I usually smoke a couple hours before I go to sleep because if I try to smoke right before I lay down I cant fall asleep.
  5. Haha weeds never kept me up. I usually drink red bull and smoke a bowl or 2 and work then when i start freling drowsy i drink w redbull and smoke a bowl or 2 and keep working. Alot of reading in college though, i usually prefer to do that sober. Rarely do i try reading and smoking. I dont really get it though, i can smoke plenty of weed and my math skills are spot on. Im better at reading than i am at math supposably, yet i cant read for shit when im high
  6. If it's late and I'm remotely tired, weed puts me to sleep.. off like a light before i burn out usually lol.. never KEEPS me from sleeping tho!! that'd suck man
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    If I'm tired already then weed puts me to sleep, but if not, then it feels like there are endless processes going on in my brain and it won't let my 'mind's eyes' close.
  8. I vape exclusively, but whenever I vape I cannot go to sleep. If I am tired, I vape a little, and I am good to go for several more hours.
  9. ya man i feel the same way when im high i dont wanna sleep i jsut wanna enjoy it and bug out
  10. Yea, it can help with skills you already have, but once you're blazed learning new things (including retaining dialogue) can be a bit tricky.
  11. If I'm listening to music, definitely. If not then weed usually knocks me out if I'm smoking in my room, I just get so comfortable.
  12. Any time I smoke I always get sleepy
  13. #13 xelusivex, May 3, 2011
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    because you're a kid and you get your adrenaline pumping cuz your parents might catch you?

    Dude, the OP made no indication whatsoever of being underage in his post. Replies like this are disrespectful and unnecessary. -JD
  14. No one has mentioned maybe the days when it keeps him up it could be a Sativa...

    Just a thought.

  15. yea thats the exact same with me! Once i was put on probation and stopped smoking my math grade dropped but my english and world studies grade rose!
  16. If I blaze before bed I usually can't sleep because so many thoughts are rushing through my brain and I just think about everything.
  17. Indica = sleep. Sativa = not.
  18. I don't smoke if I plan on going to bed in the near time, but several hours before I plan to go to bed, then yes.
  19. smoke like an hour or so before sleeping, and you'll sleep better
  20. lol same here if i smoke and try to do the textbook reading then i have to re-read shit all the time cause my mind is all over lol. but yeah some nights bud keeps me up not like when im trying to sleep but ill plan on passin out at like midnight or whatever then look and its like 3 but laying in bed i usually pass right out regardless of being high or not.

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