Does barack obama perpetuate racism?

Discussion in 'General' started by SloToke, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Clothes, news, and other means of propaganda filth brought on by the black man.... Reverse racism?
    Am i...
    Smoke too much weed?
    You be the judge!!!
  2. wrong section

    get this outta here
  3. sorry, or as the black man might say, "my bad".
  4. Should I clarify?
    If every black vendor in the mall sells a shirt that says, "Yes We Can"... The white man might feel neglected... Only ******s, Beaners, And other non-Anglo Saxons matter?

  5. well i dont know where to start....


    I have learned , in only 3 months , "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all"

    as childish as it sounds its very true .

    so ill just let it be
  6. I voted for the man...
    I Will Speak Freely...
    Thanks For The Input
  7. He said he won't say anything, because he's got nothing nice to say to you. PerezPurp never told you you couldn't speak freely.

    Discussing race issues never ends well, regardless. Should probably drop it.
  8. The phrase "Yes We Can" is not explicitly for any race. It is an ideology, a perpetual declaration that not all politicians are in it for slush funding, lobbyism, and special interests groups.

    Clearly Slotoke, you're a racist and an ignorant one at best.
  9. I'm not a fan of Obama at all but I really don't know wtf you're talking about. What the hell is racially exclusive about "yes we can"? He doesn't say, "Yes the black man can!". If you're gonna say he perpetuates racism, at least point to his questionable history with Revered Brown. That's enough to make me not trust him alone.
  10. White person right here and I say, NO!
  11. I dislike Obama because of his policies not because he is black. I hate perezpurpp cause hes black though :p.
  12. I don't think Obama perpetuates racism. The mere FACT that a black man has become the president of the USA speaks volumes about racism, it obviously isn't a big issue anymore. There are still some racist fuckwads out there, but they are the minority.

    We're all the same race, the HUMAN race.
  13. i dont see how positive change perpetuates racism
  14. Regardless of your stance on the political spectrum, the blatant racism is uncalled for. You perpetuated bigotry yourself when you said this:

    Your true colors show when the only argument you can come up with is to directly attack other races due to a slight skin pigmentation difference. Isn't there something more you could do to help humanity heal, rather than promoting everything that is wrong with it?

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