does auto weed still need a grow light???????

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  1. hi my friend just told me that auto flowering purple haze will grow perfectly fine without a grow light as long as it by a window is this true????

    already tried growing normal weed by my window they died before they even flowered doesnt work...... soo can auto really do it without a "Grow light"
  2. Nah man your gonna need a light and on auto's you can go 24/0 the whole grow to speed them up. If grown with just window light they will suffer from lack of light.
  3. so i guess id end up with pretty much the same as before with the reg seeds they will die.... :(

    its just a question i do have a hps but just wondered if it was true or not.

    while im on the subject ive got 400w hps and it grows my fem plants pretty good on 12/12 from seedling.

    my friend is gonna give me some auto seeds will it be ok to grow them the same way or must the light be on all day and night?

    its for personal use so not looking for massive yields
  4. I believe they'll be fine on 12/12.
  5. The main deal with Autos is they will flower without regard to light. Meaning you can grow them under 24/0 and they will flower. They flower based on age not photoperiod.
  6. 24/0 would be perfect but my energy bill is high enough as it is i do 12/12 hps they grow but never had autos before so not sure how they'd work out under 12/12

  7. Autos have all the same needs and wants that any Cannabis has. Auto refers to "Automatic Flowering" They are a cross between Ruderalis and a Indica/Sativa. They tend to be on the shorter side.

    Theres no real mystery to them. The only difference is quick seed to harvest usually around 60 days and they do not flower based on light period...based on age regardless of light times.

    If you ran it 12/12 you would have a much smaller Auto.
  8. thanks well think i'll give it a try its an experiment. all ive had is regular seeds and female ones my friend is given me the auto seeds for free i cant really refuse free smoke can i lol
  9. imho you should not run autos on 24hrs as the vast majority of Auto strains will not be able to cope and they will get stressed and hermie.
    Yes the ruderalis genetics can deal with it but no modern Autos are just ruderalis and it is the hybrid mix that makes them stress and change.

  10. Never had that issue but Im sure it could happen.

  11. But is am sure you are not new to this game rhapsodyrcks and know what to look for to keep your girls happy......
  12. Have grown lots of autos on 24/0 and 20/4 and never had a hermie among them.
  13. are you guys rich or something??? how you afford to run bulb soo long

  14. What makes you think we have to be rich to run our lights 24/0 or 20/4?

    Heres a link at the bottom for a energy calculator. I pay 11 cents per kilowatt hour. My rig is abouut 690 watts its a 800w LED panel, my inline fan is about 90 so if I ran that for 24/0 I would pay about 2 bucks a day to run it. So it adds about 60 bucks a month to my energy bill.

    A Xbox 360 can use depending on model up to 400 or so watts. A 40 inch LCD can use 200 through in the DVR and home theater system about 600-1000 watts depending on what you got hooked up.

    You can offset your light system some by running CFLs in your house. Turning down your hot water heater to 125 or so, reasonable settings on your AC, and unplugging what your not using.

    Costs Calculator
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    Auto's are predestined to go in flower after they've formed 5 or more nodes (some do it even earlier though), it's genetics, not light that puts it in flower.
    Ofcourse, you want to light it as much as you can because rhapso here is right, the more light the better the quality of the yield (quantity benefits also greatly).
    I am currently doin' a small outdoor grow with auto's (see-->outside grow reports) and these are very strong, resilient plants. Btw, auto's tend to perform well outdoors if in enough direct sunlight...


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