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does anything we do in this life matter?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by tehandydumke, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. ok so basically im thinkin about life, and do our decisions really matter? I mean its only another 100 so years in our life, and the world will go on forever and forever so its really just a short time being on planet earth. I mean i think the only that I really want to do is be happy and do I really need to get a 4.0 and go to a really good college to be happy? no, but I do think I need to get by life with a few bills in my pocket.

    sorry if this doesn't make sense I just want to know the fucking truth!! Why are we here!!
  2. every little tiny decision you make, every little tiny action you take, and even every little things you /think/ have an impact on what you are not (aka the universe).

    so yes, everything you do in this life has an importance.

    in today's life we cannot grasp this fact easily, but it's still is a fact.

    some call it karma.

  3. I can agree on this... most people see something as simple as picking where you eat lunch at as a tiny miniscule decision in the grand skeem of things (please pardon my spelling, I am being lazy and do not wish to spell check everything) but if you meet someone who changes your life and makes you someone different, than that is not a miniscule decision at all, but one that affects the person you will become... so if something as simple as chosing where to eat for lunch can potentually make such an impact on your life why can't anything else, like wether you decide to tie your shoe in the elevator on your way to your office rather than the door stop right before entereing your building? I guess my point is every decision you make, as insubstancial as you may think it is, may turnn out to be yoour saving grace... or your doom... So should you agonise over the little things? Well I can only repeat the wise "Don't sweat the small stuff" I dont imagine my responce helped any, but I felt inclined to answer.

    Too quote Joanne Gleeson in Into The Woods "what if life were only moments... then you'd never know you had one.'
  4. i would say that what we do in life matters because i believe that we all got an astral body (otherwise known as ur spirit) which is y its possible to have out of body experiences, its just your astral body. our astral body controls our mind which controls our physical bodies, and what alot of people strive for in life is to make innovations and discoveries so the next generation of people can have it easier and better... i also think that once you die your astral body just goes into another body with no memory of your past life, kind of like a majority of people cannot remember their birth or anything before it, well you probably arent able to remember your death or anything before it either.... soo what your doing by living now is basically making things better for yourself when you come back in the next life.

  5. exactly!!

    but also, you can help people throughout your journey of life. Which would include invention, or just saying "Hi :)" to someone. EAch person you meet in your life has something to teach you.
  6. I'd say yes and no. It does matter to you and that should be enough. And if it means something to other people...even better. If you put your focus a bit further from earth...say 2-3 lightyears and and look at earth and what one person does from that angle...no you don't matter

  7. maybe the individual doesnt matter but a whole population of individuals does matter, so if no one did their part there would no longer be a whole population of people who made slight changes in the world to make 1 bigger change.

    btw i aint tryin to go against ur point of view, ur point of view jus made me think of that so i figured i'd post it.

  8. karma ...

    what you do now /has/ an impact on what has not yet come to present.
    acumulating good karma is taking decisions that will bring forth situations in which you wish to be.

    so that you can take new actions to bring forth other situations... etc..


    one can remember his past lives, there are many technics.
    mine was:
    to cut out all perceptions that comes "from outside", and turn attention to the innerself (what you call astralbody).

    I personnaly found why i /choose/ to reincarnate.. , a great discovery for I have found the answers to questions like "Why am i here?, what's my pupose?,.."


    in my every decisions I take in considerations theses facts, so that I actually /do what I came to do/; that is my peace, my power.

    so yes, evey thing you do MATTERS.
    it matters because to feel happyness is to do accordingly to your innerself, your astralbody, your soul, your spirit, or whatever you rather call it.

    I call it buddha.

    May you all find the buddha that is within you.
  9. i'm starting to believe in karma little by little, but there's nothing out there to conduct experiments on it.. if you mean the butterfly effect (chaos theory) then yes, all of your decisions and actions matter and have effects 10,000 km away..

    i'll give you an example that struck me the hardest.. i was waiting for a bus on campus and i saw my dad who was working there.. now, i don't have the best relationship with him, in fact my parents are divorced, i live with my mother, but i didn't say hi to him or anything, mostly cuz it was the end of the day i wanted to go home.. but i had all the time in the world to say hi and chat with him because the bus driver was just parked ahead for quite some time.. so i board the bus and the bitch-bus-driver takes my bus pass.. "confiscates it".. i call it "steals it".. but it was like a reaction to something i DIDN'T do..

    i always prepare for the worst because really anything can happen but i'm not concerned about dying.. if it's my time to go, then i'll go through with it.. not like i have a choice, do i?

    i have a question about karma though.. maybe gri77on can answer (hah, we have the same birthday).. if something amazing happens to you in your life, is it mandatory that something absolutely shitty happen to you in the near future or future? what if the opposite happened, that something shitty happens, does that guarantee that things will look up?

  10. but if what if you could see ALL the changes in the world taking place over a thousand years. Follow each single person, and watch as something miniscule reverbirates (is this the word i meant to use??) escalate and spread exponentially through time.

    Imagine leonardo da vinci had decided he wanted to be a professional swim teacher? Or einstien a race car driver? What would the world be like if King Henry the I was overthrown by peasants and the worlds first democracy was born Hundreds of years earlier? Even more recent things like the assasination of JFK or Martin Luther King being avoided.

    All these would of changed the world IMMENSELY. And are they all not but a single human in the world?

    I believe every choice you make has the chance of becomming something incredible, or possibly horrible, it just depends on the circumstances.

    Have you ever stepped out into a street, only to have a car RUSH past, missing you by merely inches. Now did you ever think back to how you forgot to lock your door when you left home, and had to backtrack a second to do it? What if you hadnt decided to lock the door, and went on with your day, a few short seconds ahead of where you were, would you have bene hit by the car? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the driver of the car would of seen you, swerved, hit an oncomming car, which began rolling maniacly towards a photo shoot outside a small boutique. You notice and quickly run over, throwing the model out of the way. You both fall in love and she marries you.. Not so likely, but you see where im going.

    Take that into concideration. how many INFINITELY unimportant decisions have you made, that one way or another may have changed the path of your life forever, without you ever having the slightest idea.

    So to answer your question: Yes, i do believe everyones life matters. From a handicapped senior citizen to paris hilton to you, every person on this planet could somehow indirectly influence your life, for better, or for worse.

  11. No...it would have changed the history of planet earth. What I meant is that if you look at the whole universe...no, you don't matter. Whether I live or die has very, very, depressingly little to say for the rest of the universe...
  12. ahhheeerrrr

    to be able to say "you don't matter" you'd have to know the purpose of reality...

  13. I see your point...

    Let's say you don't have an impact on the rest of the universe. Happy??

  14. no

  15. Well that was straight foward..

    I almost agree with that.. All I need is about 10 more % and i would completely agree..
  16. loose the drag and catch the wind.

    but what do you do if your in a shitty mood. Like when im in a shitty mood its pretty hard to just tell myself to be happy and there i am.

    u know? what am i supposed to do about those! gri77on plz help me :D

    also im thinking about my history test tomorrow. why fucking study for it? but i need to go to college. its those little decisions that are hard. how much should i really study??
  17. unfotunatly you are experiencing the Deep trauma between what your souls knows what you are here for, and what our society has forced up upon us: 15 to 20 years of studiying in order to get a job.

    the right thing to do torwards your innerself would be to study what you deeply feel as important to you and your goal (that is goal in life).
    you innerself interacts with others through your exterior self (the body, and all that comes with it: hunger for food, companionship, etc) SO THERE IS actually a reason for all those studies: once done, you will have given yourself (both inner and outer) the opportunity to actualy do what you are here to do. (once there, you will feel good about it, just hang on)

    during studiying years the hardest thing to do is to keep on study without knowing why... you MUST survive those times until you gain consiousness of your purpose.

    there is a knida reward once you know the why, the strength that comes to you is infinite.

    I /sincerly/ hope this helps.
  18. in the long run, no.

    thats why im all for having a good time, doing some pot or whatever else floats your boat, and taking it easy. thats what life is. getting your life "on track"? bullshit like that is just..well... bullshit. if you enjoy what youre doing, thats all that counts, as long as it doesnt hurt others.

  19. My scenario.. im in my last year of high school and i need good grades 75% - 85% to get into bio chem / psycology program at U waterloo next year. I want to do this so i can study drugs and the effects of drugs on the human mind.

    So when i have a test in.. world issues.. i need to study for it just so i can do that. I guess what i want to do is part of exploring drugs.. cause i do find that stuff intresting.. but right now i want to be 'free' i guess and spend my time having fun and exploring the universe cause thats what really makes me happy... not studying for a test just to make money... just so i can retire when im 60!

    so basically i want to find/live that purpose now.. instead of later.

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