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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by juniorgong, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Start a bong/bowl/smokingaccesory give away/contest? im broke my bowl cracked in two and cant roll a joint! :p if you have a piece that never gets use, make it into a contest to win it! :hello:
  2. idk about a contest, ill start an auction though...
  3. and i would deff participate... if i had a penny to my name.:eek:
  4. perhaps. mods would need to be involved.
  5. PM some mods and ask. I'm down for a contest.
  6. Make a gravity until you can get a piece. :hello:
  7. I'm actually making a bong with a perc and diffuser with the crap laying around my house sunday with my friend, ill take pics :D
  8. Sounds like a way to bum a piece off someone...

    Maybe not the contest thing, but the whole...give it away thing is lame...IMO.

    Contest, sure...But what kind? Also could do some type of raffle...
  9. True, joint/blunt rolling and milk shot contests are done way too much.

    What else could we compete in?
  10. Find $11 in change and go buy a piece lol

    i have some wooden pipes I made that never get used, make one lol
  11. oh wait when i said give away i meant like a raffle not just give me your piece ahaha. and like for the contest how about like best homemade bong? or ummm best video of a smoking game?
  12. I say we send in videos of us playing instruments and whoever comes up with the best song wins haha
  13. butbutbut im musically retarded! my dad told me so!
  14. I think the raffle idea is a good one.

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