Does anyone use pre-built grow tent kits? HTG, Hydrohut?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by GrimloxK, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. I was literally just going through those for my own setup, but the thing was I didn't need any of their soil, nutrients, or bags... I was going to do my own DWC system with it so I added it up separately with the rest and I only saved about $30 or so, which the stuff I removed from it was worth more than that.

    I was looking at this one in particular:
    HTG Supply - Original Organic Grow Kit

    They really do seem like a good setup, but it would definitely be nice to hear from someone with more knowledge on this in particular just to clear any doubts up.

    The mother one is for vegging, though. It's setup to keep a plant in veg so you can take clones from it for another grow space. Or to keep a shorter period between harvest since you would take the plants already vegging in there and move them into the flower room/tent right after your fresh harvest... basically cutting time between harvests in half.
  2. don't buy anything on ebay, I've have bad experiences for a few different sellers, escpecially sky enterprise tents. In a dark room the whole tent is glowing and has leaks everywhere. Other tents have had less vents ports than in the description which is a big deal. I ended up having to highly modify all of miney with lots of duct tape and even and an additioanal wood frame since most tent frames can't hold much weight.
  3. do yourself a favor, save some moolah and build your own. It is really easy to get some panda film, some wood and some screws and make your tent as large or small as you need.

    just requires a little bit of work but it will be of higher quality than a PVC framed teensie little tent.

  4. This may sound hard to believe but some people (myself included) lack the necessary skill to construct a 4 x 4 x 7' box. I own this and it works great for two plants plus I paid less than $70.00, shipped to me.

    Good luck!

  5. I recently purchased the “mother keeper” kit from htg, if you add it up it saves about $30 from buying separately.
    But, the tent is low quality, leaks light everywhere, has small zippers and a chemical smell. One of the lights died after 10 minutes, got it fixed but a PITA.
    Unless you are only planning for only 1 or 2 grows I would stay away from htg tents.
    The tek-2 lights (once I got it fixed) give a lot of light for the price. The plants love it for veg.
  6. I was going to buy an HTG tent a few weeks ago but after some research I bought a Hydro Hut Silver Edition instead. The frame is all steel, even the corners and it doesn't have any light leaks. It also held the most weight from the ceiling which was important to me (50lb filter).

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