Does anyone use Exhale bags for co2?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lsdsjflsf, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Does anyone use the Exhale bags on their grows and noticed any improvements? There seems to be little info about them. About half say they are great, half say they don't work at all. Just wanted to know if anyone has 1st hand experience. I bought 1 just to try it out soon, and have 2 that are going to be given to me so I'll know in a few months but would like input beforehand.
  2. I have not used before, but ill tell you the same thing i told a friend who does.

    They do work, if you have higher temps and tons of light. If you cant give them as much light as they crave the co2 bags are a waste.
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  3. Yea that seems to be the con from what I've been reading..I have both so hopefully they'll work
  4. And i forgot to mention that if you vent your room its also a waste.
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  5. Yea I'm aware of that as well. I'm just praying I don't get up to high of heat levels. I will be using LEDs so thats a plus.
  6. I have 3 and I don't think they add too much in general. I had a plant lagging behind the others and not looking very happy in the hot end of the grow room so I hung one about a foot above it. That was a month ago and now it is bigger than the one next to it. I do think they help in a hotter very well lit area. Maybe it was just a coincidence but I like having them on hand.

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  7. Yea its beginning to seem as if they actually do something rather than nothing..I'm going to use all 3 in a small area and see if I can notice a difference.
  8. Care
    Careful you dont blow up your grow room. Too much is dangerous
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  9. Co2 is not flammable....

    To much co2 is still dangerous and can kill you
  10. I just checked your indoor grow out, very nice indeed--literally grew a tree didnt you...glad to hear the bags work but I ran into a problem. I got a new grow tent and another LED but mis-judged how much heat they both would put out and without ventilation the tent got up to 92 degrees. I now have it vented which basically eliminates me being able to use the damn bags----any suggestions?:mad2::frown:
  11. Use a lung room to circulate? Temp monitor to control fans so theyre only on when needed (over ~85-86 seems to be bad news is the general consensus). The plus here is temp and rh are usually a combo deal, allowing you to set parameters for both. As long as you arent venting to a living space, just run em in there regardless. May not be efficient, but theyre a one time purchase and you cant let the girls bake.

    Or, buy a mini split and build a room.
  12. They also take like 3 or 4 weeks to start the process of making Co2.
    It's in the fine print
  13. fuck those over priced bags.
    get a 5 gallon bucket . 2.5 pounds sugar cheap as possible. 4 bags ACTIVE YEAST. mix it. makes a lot of co2 lasts 7 days. restart in 7 days total cost sugar yeast weekly 4 bucks or so . works very well. perfect for a tent. makes a major yield and quality difference. in about 10 minutes you will see co2 bubbles forming . do not cover the bucket
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  14. Gave me an idea for a small greenhouse in my yard with that co2 bucket.
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  15. great you could always get more buckets . must be nice having a green house
  16. I dont have one as of yet.
    I know Costco sells them, small to large.
    I've also seen videos of people making them from cheap supplies.

    My mom got a greenhouse from costco for 300 bucks, and 10 x 5 and 7' tall.
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