does anyone think text messaging is getting out of hand?

Discussion in 'General' started by shevanel, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I don't know about where you're from, but all over my campus (and basically everywhere I go) one out of every two people I see is staring into their phone.

    When I send a text on the move, I'll usually hold it by my pocket and type as little as I can. I just look and see all these people that aren't even walking straight or running in to people because their thumbs are flying. It makes me :( on the inside.

    not trying to start any arguments here...just my .02
  2. Guilty. However, I only stare at my phone while walking between classes because I want to appear as uninviting as possible. People aren't likely to strike up a conversation with someone frantically texting, which works for me.

    99% of the time though, I'm just deleting spam email because I don't have any friends that would actually send me a text message for me to reply to.
  3. I hear you man. I remember when I was young the only way to communicate was with messenger pigeons. It was great! The worst thing that would happen was my shoes getting shit on. Now people are getting in car accidents texting. When a pigeon was no longer doing the job you could eat it. What can you do with a broken cell phone? Nothing! I miss the old days, just like you OP.

  4. thats depressing... dream on good
  5. I never txt try and txt. But people are just so damn stubborn and would rather type than talk :mad:
  6. I lol'd :hello:
  7. I absolutely fucking HATE seeing idiots texting while they are driving. I hope most of us don't text while we drive, not only could it take away your life but it could take away a completely innocent persons life as well... and that my friends is no good! Save your texting hand for the blunt while you drive:smoking

    As for texters and walkers, i always make jokes that texting and walking can be fatal. I also jokingly bitch at coworkers for going to the back of the restaurant and texting people, haha. A lot of times texting is extremely handy, but other times it is just damn pointless. I hate hanging out with buddies who are constantly texting other people/bf's or gf's!
  8. Yeah its getting pretty fucking annoying.....
  9. i text all the time, but that's because i have issues with talking to people on the phone. but i've been texting since i've had a two way pager back in the day, so i don't even look at my phone while i'm texting most of the time. it's more second nature to just type a message and go about my normal business.
  10. i dont care if people are walking around texting, but if your talking to me and you just all of a sudden whip out your damn phone and start clickin away, i get really mad.

    my dad does statistics at Allstate and he told me that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk. Also it is 15 times more dangerous than talking on the phone. shit is fucked
  11. its sad that so many peoples primary mode of conversation is texting. I use it to send short snippets of info but if someone is trying to have a damn convo on it i just ignore it
  12. I'd rather text than talk on the phone but I guess it all dependz on who it is
  13. I don't really like texting I'd rather have people call me, and I know stupid people who text and drive at the same time. That's out of hand.
  14. I text ALOT becuase I have an iPhone and it makes texting fun and addicting. Plus I dont like people calling because in the long run it saves money, for unlimited text its 5 bucks a month and then I can lower my minutes as much as possible and only use them for emergency or just to chat a bit.
  15. Yea it pisses me off to NO END when my friends are texting people while we're hanging out. God, I fucking hate it,
  16. 'does anyone think text messaging is getting out of hand?'

    Was there a pun intended? Either way...I don't even have a cell phone.

    fuck 'em
  17. Eh I dont really text any guys, If I wanna talk to em, Ill just call em. Or if I do text them it will just be like "hey wanna blaze?" or "Meet me here in 10" stuff like that y'know? Like if wanna tell them something thats not worth a phone call.

    The only person I text frequently is my girl. Just cuz it lets us talk even when we cant be together, and thats fine in my opnion.
  18. I don't see texting getting out of hand, twitter on the other hand...
  19. I don't walk and txt when I get a txt I read it when I have nothing else to do I mean if its that important then I would hope I got a call not a txt
  20. Its just a matter of money savings for me. I hate talking on the phone, so whatever cant be said by text they can talk to me in person.

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