DOes anyone think it worked or failed

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  1. Hi IM a newbie to this site and so on tuesday I had a call from a nursing home they told me i got the job and right after i hung up the phone and went OHH F*** I AM F**K*D because i had smoked the night before and i really want this job so i start panicing the first thing i do is grab 5 bottles of water, start drinkin and by the time i got to the roadshow (headshop) i had finished two bottles by the time i got in asked the lady she asked me if i smoked withing the last 48hrs I was like yeah she said ok i have one thing (which of course was the most expensive (53 fucking dollars) she writes down the directions i go home start drinking it at 4:10 wait ten min refill with wat drink and repeat once more and then i peed a lot took vitamin B went the at 7:30 and of fucking course i come in the longest wait of the week and finally i take my test when im done I look at my watch it says 8:40 the lady says it works for five hours lady checks the ph im fine i sign it and go home (and of course the next days my stupid fucking dad says you should have just took someones clean piss heated it up and kept it warm) I was like thanks dad for not telling me this at the roadshow the stuff was called puriclean instant acting I am 185lb 6ft average body fat anyone ever passed off of shit like this ohh and i had only smoke 4 times in the month before I know the results are already done but does anyone think it worked?
  2. why did you censor your self?
  3. idk fhgjfg
  4. block o text

    Id say what you need to do is....put some periods in your OP
  5. DTownToker knows his stuff. Grass City is appreciative of grammar on some level, whether it be periods or paragraphs.
  6. My sister is an english teacher. I showed her this and she cried a little.

    Nice going asshole.
  7. hahahahahahaha! + fucking rep!

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