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Does Anyone Still Buy Mexican Brick Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by carlos1234, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I haven't smoked weed that wasn't from a dispensary in over five years along with everyone else i know. If everyone buys top shelf weed from dispensaries then how does the mexican drug cartel make so much money selling terrible herb? who buys it?
  2. bit odd for a first post rofl
  3. poor niggas smoke that shit.
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  4. Non medical states, ppl still buy it and push it.

    But the cartels are smart, they run warehouse grows full of dank. Or in the moutains. They dont fuck around.
  5. This.
    Cartels aren't only pushing bunk weed, they're smart man they run dank too it's just people have this preconceived that all mexican or cartel weed is shitty brick.
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    Living in Texas, I'll come across it every now and then, and at 40 bucks an ounce. Edibles are pretty much the only thing I use it for, or to roll up with a bunch of people.

    Shitty weed has its place lol.
  7. I'll buy a sack every now and then. It has it's place.
  8. Once I found out that it was smuggled inside a Mexicans asshole cavity, it kinda killed it for me.
  9. Sorry but the only place it has is inside of a trash can.
  10. Unless you're making edibles or somehow turn 100gs into hash.
  11. That's all I can get my hands on so far, smells like mules asshole too.

    With any luck I'll have my hands on some good shit soon! :)
  12. its easy to find in non med states, though at least around here its kinda considered "noobish" to buy reg; youd never catch an experienced toker with it
  13. Mexicos got game when it comes to growing. I dont know how true it is but I've heard they pretty much lead the way in indoor cultivation after Michoacan and invented a lot of techniques we use today. Who knows. What I do know is that I never see the brick shit anymore because its just not worth it. Maybe we've all had a little mexico dank and not even known it :confused_2:
  14. Well I don't smoke regs or mids anymore but around here they are rarely from mexico but instead from redneck mountain growers who just don't take care of the plants. NC is kinda far from mexico though and here in the mountains there is a decent supply of every grade of reefer so I am fine with it, okay I am not at all fine with the price for it, but other then that we are pretty self sufficient in terms of growing vs. importing.
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    Shwag is preferred by some old smokers i know, the "chronic" is too stong lol
    cartels intentionally get brick weed confiscated to preoccupy border agents and force through tons of herion, speed and coke at the same time...shwag definitely has it's place
  16. ive never even come across brick weed on the east coast.
  17. Border agent looks like a hero for getting 20 pounds of weed from a car, then gives the 'street value' (always priced as top quality for some reason) and gets an award. Meanwhile the family in the car behind the reefer bust that is appluading the cop is smuggling door pannels full of heroin. The cartel.... lol
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  18. and it pays good money if you have the balls to do it
  19. I come acrossed brick sometimes but Idk the origin it could be mexican could be amish for all I know I don't care.  I hate that shit but I live in a non mmj state.  Cheap ass weed has it's place
  20. thanks its hust that i came across sone the other day, probably because i live close to the border

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