Does Anyone Smoke Just For A Particular Reason?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spunch, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. ex : to enjoy music

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    I was thinking wbout a thread just like today, thanks for doing it
    I quit becaus3 I was mad dependaent on it
    I would smoke to maoe me hungry, smoke for uappiness wnen i was angry or sad, smoke for boredom, smoke couz i was smokin, any reason at all i,d smoke
    edit and worst of all, smoke to go to sleep and smoke to wake up
    3dit x2- now cuz its around ah d so hard to resist
  3. I smoke cause I feel like it  :smoke:
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    I smoke to relax and mellow out in a world filled with stress.
  5. I smoke for many reasons:
    Makes me happy
    Calms me down
    Helps me sleep
    helps me eat
    music is better
    watching something is more interesting not boring
    sex ifeels better
    All those reasons joe rogan mentioned in the movie pineapple express.
  6. Yea it's fun.
    Just one of many reasons  :smoke:
  7. Insomnia
    Joint pains
    Enhances music
    Enhances tastes of food
    To help with mroning sickness
    Etc... etc... etc...
  8. I smoke to bring pain to a tolerable level.
    But it turns out, it also helps with anxiety, depression, heartburn, and sleep.
    I don't really use cannabis to get high. I pretty much burned out on that, and quit when I was about 23-24. 
  9. i do it once in a blue to reset my feels when i feel like im starting to worry about trivial shit. It puts me back on track when i start to veer off.
  10. helps me get through work
  11. cuz it gets you high
  12. I'm a daily toker and I just did a 1 day t-break and it really made me realize why I toked - insomnia, anxiety, and allergies.
  13. to get high.
  14. When I started at 15 I just liked being high and chilling on weekends and stuff.
    Then I began abusing it and my tolerance went up up up.

    Now 6 years later I still enjoy the herb, but I also use it for my bad back pain in conjunction or in place of other narcotics.
    I use it for stress and to unwind.
    I use it to wake up in the morning.
    Sometimes I use it to eat.

    Use it when I'm sick to give me comfort.
    Use it on a bad day to make it better.
    Use it on a good day to make it gooder.

    I also use it before going to events/public places esp.when it is somewhere I will be bored or painful or nervous.

    That's about it...
  15. To unwind and relax
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    I smoke because it keeps me from going insane. 
  17. Smoke to relax and unwind.

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  18. Severe mental illness and a back surgery.
  19. Uhh.. to get high..

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