does anyone see themselves as already dead

Discussion in 'General' started by potblower, May 14, 2010.

  1. not that my life or your life sucks so bad that you think your world is over, not that, but what i mean is eventually you'll be dead, 100%, so when i look in the mirror and just laugh, iam already dead! :wave: thoughts?
  2. I want what your puffing on
  3. ehh. too negative for me
  4. man weird i was just kinda thinking about that today but you described it in a good but depressing way

    I just was talking about how its interesting that eventually we'll all get old or older ' like as time goes on each day you never get younger you always go away from your original self

    its crazy to think about it that way ' like when im an adult like 40 I'll fall out of what kids are doing and stuff like the shit I do right now I'll never be like this again

    its all interesting but I know we're going somewhere next so thats what i'm more looking forward to is where will I be after this
  5. I feel you.
  6. Somewhat, Idk if thats specifically like what I think about. But I always think that in about 50+ years, everyone I know that is older than me, and most my friends will cease to exist, everything that matters now, such as money, power, etc will no longer matter as everyone is old as fuck and trying to hold on to life.
  7. dead again. r.i.p peter steele
  8. i often think about a day in anthropology class were our teacher blurted out that "humans are pathetic!", then he quickly tried to re-cant his outburst after he saw the faces he was talking too and how it hurt some of them

    i think he sees people as animals, i mean he devoted his entire life to studying our history of existence and thinks our present day existence is disgusting, you can see it in his face, i think he sees our formal selves as dead
  9. Once you mature, 10-15 years old, that's when you die inside. At least that's how I feel.
  10. "we are the dead"

    "we are the dead"

    "You are the dead" said an iron voice behind them.

    They sprang apart. Winstons entrails seemed to have turned to ice. He could see white all round the irises of Julias eyes. Her face had turned a milky yellow. The smear of rogue that was still on each cheekbone stood out sharply, as though unconnected with the skin beneath.

  11. That's bullshit, sorry if you believe that.
  12. Technically if you want to stay alive for technically 'forever' based on the limits of this earth etc, then just go to space, travel at 98% light speed for a number of years - and while your body will only of aged those years, because Time is a dimension like height and width the earth will of aged by thousands of years.

    This way on earth you could probably live until the earth implodes etc etc, and be around to see the end! just get building that spaceship.
  13. Once you realize that life isn't as amazing as you thought it was throughout you're first 10-15 years of life, what else is there to be happy about... besides Mary J.
  14. Why would I do that when I'm already alive?
  15. i can't be dead. how am i posting?
  16. zombieeeeeee.
  17. but i havent even used the word "brains" all day. hell, it's finals week for me, so maybe not even all week.
  18. No I don't see myself as dead. Never will.
  19. song reminds me of this post.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Johnny Cash - 'Hurt"[/ame]

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