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does anyone randomly smell weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orville22, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Anyone smell weed out of no where for no reason? I do all the time.
  2. Yeah, sometimes I do too. Like there's this house which I walk by sometimes. And everytime I swear I can smell weed. Weird thing is the people that live in there are old.
    There you go grandpa!

    (not my actual grandpa)
  3. my nose has become a cannabis connoiseur
  4. YES! All. The. Time.
  5. yeeh i smell that burning smell & sometimes if i look at weed on the computer i could smell it

  6. okay i don't know about all this
  7. Ya, i did it today in my truck. Haven't smoked in there or had weed in there for 11 months. Was just weird.
  8. i noticed where i used to live while walkin i would smell weed outanowhere n discovered theres wild weeds that sorta looks n smells like cannabis. theres also other plants that can give off skunk odors. shit is annoying cuz back in the day in the morning my mom would accuse me of smokin when i really didn't cuz of this
  9. Haha at work I could have sworn I smelled weed cooking this pasta. Idk its weird as fuck
  10. my friend was saying the other day that he exhales the smoke out of his nose so often that the scent stays and he smells it everywhere. i'm not sure if that really has anything to do with it, but who knows.
  11. Yeah, i was convinced my armpits smelled like weed one time.
  12. To this day, I can't tell the difference between skunk and weed.

  13. I swear I smoke so much weed, when I sweat, it smells like bud. Just like when people eat to much curry, their sweat smells like curry.
  14. Rarely so im sure when i do its legit lol.
  15. I smell weed unexpectedly sometimes. It usually means there's weed around.
  16. haha i was wondering this same thing the other day. i do all the time when im out. maybe its just me though.

  17. I would do that with vapour, but not with smoke, that shits nastyyy
  18. there is a fellow weed smoker in my apartment building and by god i wanna find out i have some suspects a young mother wiht her 3 year old daughter maybe 23?
    but idk...
  19. I smell it in work every day. Homeless shelter.

    Sometimes you can smell a major grow in a house, obviously no carbon filters!
  20. Yeah dude i always smell the buds. A good inhale of that shit lets me know everything is ok. Cuz everything is actually great.

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