Does anyone own an Arizer Air/Solo?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mashed Potatoes, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. I was just wondering cause I've been seeing a lot of talk about the Haze Dual V3 or something.
    Also, if you do own an arizer air or solo what's your favorite temperature(color) to vape on.

    I, 99% of the time, vape on white.
  2. I've got the arizer solo and i use it at 7 (max temp) all the time. It seems to work the best for me. Lower temperatures don't do nearly as much for me.
  3. Damn that's hesh lol. I've only done that once when I first bought my air and it made the glass mouthpiece too hot to hit. Also, just wondering, do you use a bong with your solo?
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  4. I find a fuller spectrum of flavor and effect on the higher temps. Since it doesn't get to a burning point ever i don't have to worry about burnt flavors. I don't use a bong with mine, but i am a heavy user too. Organic grown buds taste amazing in the Arizer Solo for me.

    Maybe my lips are calloused? lolz
  5. I'm gonna try vaping on 3 or 4 today (out of 5) and let you know how I feels. Sometimes I feel like even on level 2 it ends up vaping 99% of the bud.
  6. I run mine at 4 and ramp it up to 7 to get the last few pokes
  7. So today, I decided to switch it up because it's 4/20 and I vaped on green (level 3 out of 5). It definitely packed a punch! Might actually start vaping like this now when I'm with someone and alone I'll hit a level 2. Also, I think that the air and solo have different temperature ranges
  8. By myself I'll hit it on blue for 10 minutes and then on green for another 10. I usually do green with others. how does red high compare to blue-green?

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  9. Airizer Air
    I pack my glass to run me 6-8 hits.
    I run it on 2:5 or 3:5 for the first 4-5 hits then ramp it to red for the remaining hits. That seems to give me the flavor profile I want at the early stages and then the rest is baking which is fine. I like catching the flavor at the beginning though.

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