Does anyone own a sun-system-rs-1850-led?

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    I found this discounted at 599£ but i cannot find any reviews or people who have used it and it seems to have been discontinued or out of stock since only a couple of places have it.
    Would also appreciate confirmation the 720w are real. If they are i feel this is a great deal and its the best one i found under 600£ for a 4x4 or even 5x5. If u do have other light recommendations in that price range those are welcome as well for comparison!

    Sun System RS 1850 LED | Global Air Supplies

    Thanks a lot fam!
  2. A quick search for Sun Systems LED gave me a bunch of reviews/videos...
    sun systems led review - Google Search
    I'll let someone else chime in if they have any personal experience. I use HLG lights.
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  3. I saw those videos but cant tell if they are paid reviews and there's barely any comments so wasnt sure how much to trust them. Will look into HLG in europe! Appreciate the recommendation!
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