does anyone order from

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Doctor Green, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Does anyone order from
    I'm thinking of ordering their seeds from their site since it's much cheaper, has anyone here done this? I really need more of their Pot of Gold seeds
  2. never heard of them!

  3. that's weird

  4. Why is that wierd? I have never seen anyone else on this board post up about them until this thread.
  5. weird/wierd I guess I rely too much on spell check and have let all my grammer lessons go to hell.

    I do remember wasting $25 and 4 hours one time trying to get laid in a warehouse when I should have been looking for a whorehouse.

  6. I think they aren't that well known because they don't enter in competions or do any advertising. They are very well known in Amsterdam, the owner is one of the first people who started cultivating cannabis in the netherlands 35 years ago and he created many famous strains.

    According to a Hightimes of a few months ago they are one of the 10 best seed banks in the world.

    here's a pic of a Pot of Gold plant from one of their seeds right after cutting it:

  7. Those are some very nice you grew!!!!

    I've been growing a lot of Pot of Gold myself these last few years, I love the strain, it's a high yielder and a great smoke.

    Did you know the man behind the Flying Dutchmen is one of the Cannabis seed pioneers from Amsterdam? He did some very important work in the field of cannabis genetics, creating many famous strains during the 35 years he's been doing this stuff

    High times puts them in the top 10 of the worlds best seed banks;

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