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Does Anyone Not Care About Where They Blow Out Their Ash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DankUponATime, May 27, 2013.

  1. I feel like as long as you don't rub it into into anything, which means you blow again to get it off of you, you never see it again and it's never a problem! I have friends that very much disagree, thoughts?

  2. I put my cannabis ash back into my soil.....
  3. Right onto the dark green carpet is where my ash sits for about 3 days than it gets vacuumed up  :bongin:
  4. Yeah, I have shitty wood floors, so I don't really care. Plus it literally turns to dust, and is less problematic than cigarette ash, it's pretty much pure dust. 
  5. I had a friend who thought this and we always dumped his ash behind his cabinet in his living room, but one day we had to move it and there was literally 2 or 3 inches worth of ashes just piled up down there.
    Was funny as shit to find out we were dead-wrong the whole time though.
    I remember the first time I saw him do it, and I was like "seriously man?"
    And he replied, "Yea, fuck you I dare you to try and find any ashes" 
    I totally agreed though. I guess I figured it just broke apart and floated around before it fell to the ground. Oops.
  6. ash goes out the window or in the ashtray.
  7. I've also done this..
  8. I never ash on the floor or around the house because its dirty and it stinks the place up. Of course some will make it into the floor and when you try to clean it up it just gets rubbed into the carpet lol.
  9. The only time I ash on the floor is in my workshop. Its a concrete floor that gets swept regularly.
  10. I try to blow it into my garbage can but my can has holes and I'm lazy so it mostly ends up around my garbage can until I vacuum.
  11. Yes, must be ashed in an ashtray unless I'm outside. My sister ashes all over her room, so disgusting!
  12. i dump the bowl out in my hand and either dump it in my ash tray or rub it in my jeans.  
  13. Why would you want ash on your floor? Even though its dust it still builds up and will make your floor dirty ha
  14. joint - i will ash in an ash tray. but i just blow that bong ash straight on the floor.. of worse i blow it straight into my coffee sitting on the table. damn.
  15. All over my fucking carpet. I stomp it in too. Why? Over the years I have spilled hundreds upon hundreds of drinks on the floor so my carpet is already kinda gross. So IDC. Im gonna change the carpet before I move out anyways. Hopefully when I have my own place I wont be a slob anymore. When you wake up to a hornet chasing a mouse you have a problem...therefore I have a problem...
  16. My keyboard is my ashtray it would seem.
  17. Got some dirty people around here lol.
    I could never imagine dropping ash on the floor of my apartment.  I'm not a neat freak, but that just seems idiotic to me.  I normally just dump it into a tissue and wrap it up and toss it.  I would get an ash tray, but I'm sure my cats would love to knock that over :)
  18. #18 GanjFarmer', May 27, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2013
    It has gone on my floor before but usually I will put it in something to throw out or it just gets sucked into my bong water by accident. But really I could care less if it gets on my floor because I clean a lot so it will only be there 2 days max.
  19. i like to rub the ashes either into my hair or on my pants. most of the time im not near an ashtray or anything.
  20. the floor it goes; i usually tap or blow it out onto my carpet or pants. never noticed it build up anywhere just gets vacuumed up or dusted with everything else; not like I'm ashing on my desk or my bed haha

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