Does anyone make a tent this size?

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  1. I have two Spider Farmer SE3000 I’d like to daisy chain. Perfect tent size would be 3’x6’x80” tall (36”x72”x80”). Does anyone make a tent this size?
  2. Why not save cash ? Make homemade . Buy some boards dry wall screw it all together . Sorry i thought you were saying 30 foot lol.
  3. Those aren't standard tent sizes. 2 4x4's are probably the closest you'll find (from reputable brands).
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  4. A lot of commercial or "off the shelf" stuff for hobby growers like myself is centered around 2 or 4 foot increments.

    While someone out there may make a 3x6, you can definitely find plenty of 4x8 models that might fit your needs (bonus you can pirate extra poles from 4 foot tents if you want more places to hang stuff.)

    Most of the time I only use half the tent for actual plants, the other section is nice because I can get all the way in to work on them, plus have room for dehu in the tent, and all manner of other crap I hang in there.

    I've been using this cheap ass vivosun 4x8 (like $180 3 years ago) for about 4-5 grows now and it gets the job done. A little thin, zippers aren't the best but still work fine. My gorilla and SC infinity tents are definitely higher quality materials, but I hate the zipper layout on the gorilla, so I mostly just use it as a 4x4 drying tent)

    Mostly I like the vivosun because I can just unzip a door, or the whole front and left side (if I need to get in on the back plants), or if the tent is full of plants, there is a separate zipper to access from the right side.

    I guess what I'm saying is, once you start getting bigger than 4x4 tents, I start paying very close attention to the various zippers, doors and ports to make sure I'll be able to easily get in and out and have enough space to work un-cramped (or just fill the whole thing with plants)

    For under $200, and still going strong after 3+ years of non-stop use, I feel like even if this tent fell apart tomorrow, I at least got my money's worth from it. Plus I can re-use the poles for most 4x4, 4x8 or even some 8x8 models even if I throw out the tent canvas)

    It easily fits two SF-4000's with no heat issues and full coverage in fact I seldom run them above 70% intensity, so I think two SF 3,000s may also get the job done in a 4x8, though disclaimer I've never tried that specific setup. (Only 1 light in this pic but it gives you an idea of how much space there is to work with on 8-10 photos if you want to fill the tent) Also shows how I can zip the whole front and left side away if needed to get to the plants in the back.
    If money is less of a concern though, I'd go with an AC infinity 4x8, or possibly Gorilla if you are cool with the zipper layout (I'm not). Same space and layout, just nicer materials, thicker walls, smoother, more rugged zippers)

    Hope this helps mate!
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