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Discussion in 'General' started by tokinblackguy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. if marijuana effects the outcome of pregnancy tests?

    My girlfriend took one a week ago and was smoking during that time and it was negative,

    but just to be safe, should she take the second one after a week of water and exercise?
  2. Was she smoking with or without protection?
  3. I'm pretty sure it doesn't

  4. No, it doesn't. Ask me how I know :)
  5. hahahahah + rep
  6. I hear that the presence of THC in the urine reverses the outcomes of pregnancy tests. Positive becomes negative and vice versa.

    Good luck, daddy :wave:
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    omg thats so cruel! :eek: :D

    tokinblackguy - i dont think smoking weed should affect the test at all. ive taken plenty of pregnancy tests (paranoia lol) and they've always been correct and i smoke all the time.

    is she late? cos thats kinda the main sign :D - then u start freaking out
  8. hehe:D

    But for real, OP. MY g/f and I both smoke. We jsut recently went through an episode where she was late 7 weeks. We were freaked out and took 4 prego test over that time and all were negative to our bewilderment (and delight, heh). Lo and behold, last week she gets her period.

    It could be any number things that could effect that shit. Women's inside bits are crazy things that will never be figured out. Ever.
  9. no it does no effect the outcome of a pregnancy test

    her drinking too much of a fluid could however...

    and if you guys are REALLY worried about it still..go to a drs office and ge blood work done:rolleyes:
  10. yes, I realize that it does not affect the outcome of the test. My story pretty much proved that point. I made my orignal statement simply to be a doofus (hey, I stick with what I know best).

    And we're not concerned about it anymore as she got her period last week. We're both kinda attributing her being late to the immense amount of stress we're both under with school comin up and bills n shit. But as I'm sure you know, it could've been any number things. Oh well, we're jsut both relieved it's over.

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