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  1. i wasnt able to find anything specific to help me with my problem. I just need to know is if i have to do extra things to my plants for them to start budding.Thanks
  2. not really. just set the light to turn on every 12 hours, and off for 12 hours. and change your fertilizer over to a bloom fert.

    any more details of your setup?
  3. when the plant is having its 12hrs of dark time it has 2b dark, as in no light.
  4. yeah, even a flash lgith for a few second can mess with their light cycle, causeing them to possibly herm (change sex)
  5. Well isn't a bit extreme a flash light to cause a plant to change sex???

    I guess you are ovegraduating a bit..


  6. doing wot a bit? yeah he probably is.

    a flash of light in the dark cycle can degenarate the chemicals built up in the plant that induce flowering. repeted interupions to the dark cycle can/will cause a plant to herm. how many times it takes to do this depends on the plant and the strain.

    ur right it aint like a magic wand, wave it once and "POOF!!" instant hermi but it aint far off that with some plants.
  7. i know, i didnt mean jsut one time, but if you alwasy look in on the plant durring their dark cycle, they can herm/.
  8. even just the once durning the early stages of the dark cycle can send them back in2 veg in some strains, others on the other hand will flower on a lot longer light than 12/12.

    at the end of the day, do not piss around with the light if u dont know wot ur doing.

  9. 'nuff said:p
  10. I believe what you all are referring to is called "proper light discipline".

    Your grow space should be well sealed from outside light sources. For example, if you are trying to grow in your bedroom, and you keep turning lights off and on like you would normally, the plant is going to have a harder time figuring out what to do because MJ is completely controlled by photo-sensitivity (sunlight is what it is really looking for).

    By breaking the solid dark cycle, you confuse the plants biological clock. At first it can retard sexing (showing of sex) and then it can cause a plant to decide to become hermie, because the plant starts to figure for a shorter light cycle, thus thinking the season is ending. In a last ditch panic move the plant produces both male and female flowers to try and propagate its genetics.

    The phenomenon also occurs in many female plants right before harvest. The plant figures out that it is nearing the end of its life cycle, even though proper light discipline was maintained, and begins to produce some male flowers trying to pollinate itself. Usually this occurs too late in the flowering cycle to cause any major seed development though, and is a specific result of mans manipulation of it's light.

    In the wild, there is normally no shortage of pollen, females get seeded and don’t have to hermie themselves to get pregnant.

    Fertilizers do not influence sexing, contrary to many beliefs, but changing fertilizer NPK to lower nitrogen and higher phosphorous and potash levels promotes flower growth and density in both male and female plants.


  11. can u explain this bit to me a bit more plz. how is it mans manipulation of it's light and not just a lack of pollon? if a seed was eaten by a bird and then carried many miles away r u sayin it wud never herm even tho it was out of reach of pollon. if hermi plants r only due to man messing about with light then plz explain Thai.

    id b interested to know more about this cus if i cud grow thai without the risk of it herming then id grow it a lot more often!

  12. Well, in the scenario you laid out, if the seed were to germinate, and it were a female plant, and if it were the only plant around, I think yes, there is a possibility of a hermie change. Possibly even if it were a male.

    Perhaps I should have included mans manipulation of sex along with the lighting issue. By starving the plants of pollination, combined with poor dark period light discipline, we dramatically increase our chances of a hermie (along with heat and ventilation issues). however, near the plants life cycle end, if it’s a female and has been kept clean of pollen, it may still try and bloom a small amount of male flowers as it senses it’s life cycle ending, because it knows it is not pollinated, and has to do something to try and procreate.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to indicate that only light probs cause hermies; it’s a combination of several factors, most importantly a lack of pollination otherwise, also usually controlled by the grower.

    I’m not against indoor growing or anything, I have grown both indoors and outdoors.

  13. if a little light could do that then don't you think that the moon would have that effect,I've never had that problem with any thing out of doors! have you?
  14. depends on the strength of the light......when a plant grows outdoors, it's allways got the moon, even through the veg period, but when grown indoors it's too risky to let any light at them as we don't know what tollerence it has to whatever level of light.......mother nature knows, but we don' do know that we can use green lights to view a growroom in the dark, but imagine a leak of say a 100w bulb......a bit too much, and a risk there is no need to take.........Peace out.......Sid

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