Does anyone know?

Discussion in 'General' started by XSN, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. How long it would take the state attorney to notify me of whether i have to go to court or not after the cop files the report?

    And by what means would they do it?

    I tried to post on a cop forum but they wont give me freakin access...
  2. how long ago did the cops file it? and wait was it that you got arrested or what? usually they'll send you something in the mail.
  3. when i got pinched they told me before i left the station
  4. You can call the court and ask. I didn't get mine until about 2 weeks before my date.
  5. It was last Saturday, I wasnt arrested i was just released...they found pot on me of course and i had some pipes quite a bit of paraphernalia but he still let me and my 4 friends go

    He just said that when he files a report the state attorney will notify me whether i have to go or not and im wondering how long it will take
  6. You'll probably hear something then. As far as I know If they filed something with your name on it, and a drug charge, you'll most likely have a hearing. I wasn't 'arrested' but I was still charged. Thank god I didn't get probation. Had to have a weekly drug test for 6 weeks (should have been 12) at a drug correction place.

    Funny though, I told them how much I loved smoking, counter-pointed everything they said about weed and couldn't do shit cause I passed every week. The lady said "No point of keeping you and wasting your money, I know we'll never change you and you'll smoke as soon as you get out, you're a good kid tho" and I was cut.

    I know how you're feeling though man, hope it works out. FL's laws are bullshit.
  7. Shit that sucks ass...i dont wanna go to court

    With my luck ill be the one they make an example out of or some shit
  8. calling is your best option

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