does anyone know?

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  1. Whatsup blades

    im looking to but a new oil rig but i would like a custom blown rig and i dont knnow of a local blower does anyone know someone that does nice work ?
  2. bro i dont understand the point of commenting like that idk im just looking for a new errl piece
  3. just trying to get some glass mannnn
  4. Hit up mgp on etsy. Long wait time but great price.
  5. How about read the rules man.... You can't be asking that. You need to find your own way through other sites
  6. [quote name='"Hollow Crown"']How about read the rules man.... You can't be asking that. You need to find your own way through other sites[/quote]

    What the fuck are you talking about
  7. Lol read the fucking rules... Then you would know you can not ask about buying glass from another site. Cause this forum is connected to a online head shop where the op could buy a oil rig from. So know your shit
  8. i havent read the rules in years i thought it was only you cant speak about where to buy illegal things from idr thank you for that

  9. thanks man

  10. you do realize he never asked for an online headshop. maybe if you were capable of reading a sentence you could wrap your mind around that. :wave:
  11. Read his question again he asked for people to tell him where he can find someone. There for showing him a link to someone else. I can bring a mod in here and we can see who is right.

    But I guess your just too high to understand rules. Later

  12. but the thing is he wasnt breaking the rules... if someone posted a link it would be breaking the rules... and nobody posted a link...

  13. we dont need to bring a mod man thaNKs for bringing that to my attention i found someone thanks to all on this thread peace

  14. "Advertisements for your own site or another site. Note: You are welcome to post an occasional interesting link to another website, within the context of a thread's topic"

    " Links to most competitors are censored by our site. This site is a privately owned forum-based community that is fueled by the online store."

    notice it says censored not against the rules?
    and nobody would be advertising the site by giving him a link to a cool piece.
    maybe you should stop trying to be a moderator buddy, because you just got salted.

  15. have a nice day

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