Does anyone know who this artist is?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by TooSicKs, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. His name is Gold????, first name I think is Andy, and he makes all kinds of crazy stuff from nature, stuff like arranging different colored leaves on the ground to make geometric paterns and all kinds of cool stuff. He photographs his work, which sometimes only lasts till a breeze blows it away.
  2. Andy Goldsworthy.


    one of my top 10 fave artists...

    he's done some really amazing stuff.....

    ... and some less amazing stuff that just makes you think.... why?
  3. Because i saw some of his work, and yes it was truly amazing, sometimes in it's complexity, sometimes in it's simplicity. I've expirimented with the kind of art he does but not nearly to the extent of which he has taken it.

    Thanks, Digit!
  4. i'd love to go out there and do my own style of nature manipulation art... but its just too damn cold here.

    maybe once i live somewhere warmer and once i have a good digi cam.

    have you seen more of the stuff he does with leaves and petals or have you seen any of his stone structures?

    there was one he did with petals stickin outta something (i forget what) which he waited and waited and watched and watched until the lighting was perfect and created an amazin halo *snap snap*.... the guys truely knows what it is to be an artist... to be so involved with your art what you KNOW it as if you were it... and better.
  5. I know digit, ya gotta become what you create, i've seen Soul of a tree, Hollow ice ball, Fractured pebbles, and a bunch of other works, but those are a few that stand out. What i'm really interested in his work is because i can understand and relate to his art so much, and i've been doing stuff like that without photographing it all my life, i'd be out skating, sit down to rest on a curb, and build little "micro-worlds" out of sticks, pebbles, or whatever was laying there where i was sitting, and i do stuff like that all the time. I'm gonna bring my digicam out and do some expirimentation out in the desert soon.

    I think that's just the ultimate form of self expression, to create something from nothing so to speak, and the fact that he creates stuff that has a lifespan, and in a way, creates life from the inanimate, as soon the art will "die"
  6. I think it'd be cool if he just did shit like that and let it blow away and didn't take pictures or anything. And REALLY let it die. Like Tibeten sand art you know what I mean? It looks really cool and then they just brush it all away.

    Someday I want to write a play and put on one performance in like Carnegie Hall or something and invite lots of brilliant people to see it, and then just burn the manuscript afterwards. And everyone forever will have a memory of a great play that can never be seen again.
  7. also thanks a lot for telling me about this guy. This stuff is v. good

  8. he does do that loads aswell.
  9. any chance on posting a picture of his work?or maybe a site i could go?i would love to see his work.

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