Does anyone know which seed company makes good white widow

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  1. I have tried from dinafem and it didnt seem like white widow at all. Also seen some other complaints on hee about dinafems WW. Anybody have excellent WW from another seed company
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    White Widow from GreenHouse Seeds won the cannabis cup.

    Here's the supposed origin of the original WW:

    "The name White Widow is usually linked with several different breeders and today almost every seed bank offers its own version of the plant. The battle over who actually invented the strain has turned into a political struggle, dividing the public into two camps. Some believe that the White Widow was discovered by a man named Ingemar, while others take the side of another skillful breeder known as Shantibaba. Although the history of this plant is complicated and shrouded by doubt and misinformed opinions, the truth must be that only one person can be accredited with bringing White Widow into the world. My research has lead me to believe that this person is indeed Shantibaba, the former co-owner of Green House Seeds and current founder of The Mr Nice Seedbank, for reasons that I will explain in this article."

    I would tell you how Ministry of Cannabis' WW is but I'm still waiting to harvest. Feel free to check out the link in my sig. :wave:
  3. Mr. Nice seeds black widow is the original white widow. Gh and others are f2 breeds.
  4. thx guys, have you guys or anybody else grew it from either company
  5. I'm growing White Widow from down in my siggy. That seed bank has quite a few loyal customers who are on this board, there is a thread about them in the Seed Bank forum here as well.

    Haven't finished the grow, so I can't comment there.....but all of their seeds popped and are flourishing in my grow.

    Mr. Nice Guy would be the "official" white widow seed bank if you're looking for the authentic original White Widow, as was mentioned by a previous poster.
  6. I also grew WW (femanized) from the same supplier and had no complaints. They are great to deal with and all seeds germinated. I also grew some other strains that I aquired seeds from MS-nl with similar results. I would recommend them to anyone
  7. Mr nice for the real deal.
    Paradise seeds has WW(IBL)

    And as for GHS winning the cup with their WW, I bet they bought it as they do with all their cup winners. Money talks
  8. Nirvana makes a White Widow breed also. I like it and it seems to be very potent in thc. I am currently growing it right now. I got it from Attitude seed bank.

  9. Attitude is a reseller, Attitude didn't produce the bean.
  10. Really? I never said that Attitude produced the seed. Nirvana made it and it was purchased through Attitude.

  11. Oh my bad read that too quick. You got a link to your grow?
  12. Just my opinion Here but avoid Nirvana gear like the plague
  13. Nebula from paradise is ww x haze and grows dense like an indica..strong shit too
  14. Yeah, click the link at the bottom of my post. I am growing one plant of Nirvana White Widow and Nirvana Bubblicious. I have grown them both before, but I am running out and I love these strains so I am growing more. [​IMG]
  15. I have 1 G13 Labs White Widow. DWC/FoxFarm nutes and It's my first grow. I had MG/cal lockout early in veg. Man I learned ALOT from experience, but mostly from GC forum user "Yoda/Budslinger." I'm day 77 from seed (week 7 12/12). I'll post results after harvest/tasting, but she's mighty beautiful.

    P.S. sorry my phone cam kinda sux.

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