Does anyone know where...

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  1. I can buy glass water pipes with my paypal account?

    It seems that no websites out there accept paypal....

  2. Word mang.
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    wow. didn't consider that to be a possibility.

    why no paypal? that seems...inconvenient.


    Payment methods

    We accept VISA, Euro/MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club; for European countries we offer different ways of bank transfers as well as credit card payment and COD. We also give you the possibility to pay with cash, if you pay with cash,we will have to wait to ship your order until your money has arrived at our PO BOX. For your convenience and security we advice you to pay with credit card.
  4. Hmm so nobody knows, damnit I guess my search will continue its neverendingness
  5. I have looked at various sites and had no luck. I don't know why so many places don't accept it.
  6. Why not just pay with your credit card?
  7. My CC is having some issues lately, or else I would use it for sure
  8. I dont think its the head-shops choice.

    Paypal won't allow you to use their services for alot of things, head-shops being one of them. Also for porno, and gambling.
  9. It's against paypals TOS so no you wont be able to.

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