Does anyone know what type of Marijuana this is?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mr bun, May 31, 2009.

  1. Im an absolute newbie to growing and was wondering if this is a sativa or indica and if anyone is knowledgable enough to give a guess at what strain it may look like?
    thanks guys!
  2. Very young to tell anything yet really. I would say it's mostly indica.
  3. thanks man
  4. i would agree because of the leaf size but still to young to tell for sure.
  5. Indica , at least 80%.
    Also, you can have 100% indicas and sativas, or mix indica x sativa. BUt, considering the size of the plant at this stage, and bush.. it could be one of the Lowryders sort.
    In general, Indicas have wider leaves, shorter plants. Sativa is tallish and with less leaves. I am also new in growing, but i know a lot of theoretical part.

    One more thing, even whem fully grown it is difficult to say what sort it is because there is dozens of similar looking ones on the market. DOZENS!
  6. Does it look nice and healthy?
  7. Looks perfect to me, how old is it?
  8. Yeah man it looks like it's doing ok.

    How much are you watering? My guess is your giving it a little too much.
  9. idk about that last pic mang.. the soil is suuper drenched also the container is see through! you need light proof pots cause its bad for the roots to see light..

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