does anyone know what this is?

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  1. little seedling looks sick. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but the little leaves are kind of folding over. I'm using a topfeed/DWC hydroponic cab. I'm using a 180 watt UFO LED light that is running on a 20/4 light schedule. My pH level is staying pretty consistent at 6 and my PPM stays at around 61-65. although I added some nutrients so now its up to 91. the temp stays between 79 and 85F and my RH is at around 45. any advice or ideas?

  2. There may be a few things things to check out. The first thing I would look at is overwatering. I've done it several times, when you over water the plants tend to droop which looks like what's going on here. I would cut down the watering cycle and see if it improves.

    Also, what temp is your res at? Try to keep it <70F for the best results or you're inviting all types of root rots and nasty shit.

    BTW, is that a mini cool cab from Sunlight Sheds?
  3. Did you rinse your hydroton?

    I'm going to suggest more air circulation.
  4. I to have a 180 watt light this happened to my super lemon haze if its droopy you might be giving to much water since its a seedling maybe to much nutes if its its cuping downwards the leaf then its too much nutes and also some plants arnt very good under led. I would give it just phed water but dont flush if its a sativa 5.9-6.0 ph is good if its an indica 5.7-5.8 but just plain water no nutes ph 5.5-5.6. drop the light also 18/6 so it can get healtheir.
  5. Others are more experienced than me but I would agree on changing the light schedule to 18-6 and monitor your watering amounts

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