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Does anyone know what this is?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HippieTrippyBudGirl, May 31, 2009.

  1. thats grit weed. if you smoke it, glass crystals from the weed will shred your lungs up.

    please dont smoke that. it looks like dried dog shit with glass on it. seriously even if you havent smoked i n20 years you have to know that its shit..

  2. Its obviously not of the highest quality, but from the pics given there is no way you can say for sure that it is or isnt grit weed.
  3. LOL, this may be laced weed.
  4. wait so you basicly paid over regular price for shake its supossed to be less for shake go back and bitch slap that fucker

  5. 500$ an oz...fuck that dude start a grow :eek::D
  6. Smoke it. Thats the only way to find out if it's laced. Rub it between your hands to find out if it is sprinkled with glass. If your hand gets cut up, its glass.
  7. dont smoke it..
  8. Rub a piece of bud against the back of a blank CD, if the CD gets scratch marks into it, its fiberglass shards put into your bud, if it doesn't then its most likely laced bro..

    Be careful with that shit
  9. ya dude i wouldnt have bought something that i knew was laced for 60 an 8th, but seeing u already have it, u might as well try to find out what it is. taste a little bit of the powder he sprinkled on it and see what it tastes like.
  10. Dude you got some mexican dirt weed. Lawl.
  11. Id smoke it from a bong. That way if its laced with glass/fiberglass,dust. it will get filtered out. WHY WOULD someone spend the money to get glass dust, and fiberglass into their weed. dealers smoke the same weed you just got.

    if its laced with coke/crack/PCP/DTM/meth/ take a small hit. and you will know withen seconds. you will go numb, with coke/crack/pcp/ they make you numb and if its DTM you are one LUCKY MAN!. get ready for a trip. and well you would know if weed is laced.

    it looks liek you got the shake of a bad. and he spiced it up with maybe some keif. and nothing more. Straight my Jamica is a little um.. not logical. Weed from mexico is more logical.

    Dealers wont lace thier weed, unless you ask for it, dealers also just say stupid shit to get you to buy it because they want to re-up. Why waste bad drugs on good marijuana. and also an 8th for $60, is pretty normal price. for danks.

    also again, you got jipped on a bag its not laced.
  12. just smoke it anyways.
  13. If it's laced with PCP say hi to god for me :smoking:.
    Id fucking smoke that shit.
  14. why would you buy that? the dealer pretty much straight out told you he laces it..
    and $60 for 3.5 grams?! $60 should get you like a quarter!
  15. find someone to test it
  16. We arent gonna here from OP anymore cause he is dead.

  17. I believe you are referring to DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, one of the strongest hallucinogens known to man. (not DTM)

  18. stfu some of us can only get 3 grams for 60, little less 3.5g thats laced with "flauta" or "flaunta" or whatever crack-ass-meth-salvia shit that he thinks it is haha.
  19. That does not look like good marijuana, and is laced with something that is why it is so expensive.

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