Does anyone know the average weight of a cannabis plant is?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeyTheCivi, May 19, 2010.

  1. Had no idea where else to ask this.
  2. I guess you're talking about the yield? Different plants yield different amounts depending on a variety of factors. There is no average.
  3. OVER 9000 sorry man i got no clue im wondering that myself for my grow closet im building...gotta makes sure the bottom wont break thru under the weight so let us await the answer hahahaha
  4. im lookin for soil + pot + plant weight haha not yield weight, i can safely assume the plant is not much of the overall weight
  5. This, and its also for my rig, if it gets too big without me making some modifications my rig may fall apart.
  6. what kinda rig do you have that depends on the weight of a plant? lol

    is ur shit being supported by duct tape or something?
  7. yea, i think i may just end up dropping some weights in mine and secure it till it can hold over 100 lbs easily, shouldnt be too hard, and i doubt ill have over 100 lbs of shit in there ever.... even if i stop using it for grows hahahaha
  8. Yes it is.

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