does anyone know if there is random drug testing in hospitals for volunteers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by jimisreincarnat, May 10, 2010.

  1. like the title says, im gonna be a volunteer in a hospital and have to take a preliminary screening. ill definitely pass, but i was wondering if they randomly drug test. im afraid of asking cus i don't want to draw suspicion or something. does anyone have any experience and can give me an answer? thanks.
  2. who cares if they test you don't stress. you are trying to do a good deed and if they don't want your help simply because you smoke then just smile and say 'buh-bye!'

    then toke up in the parking lot to get over any negative feelings.
  3. inova hospitals don't all they do is make you get TB shit
  4. probably depends on the hostipotl, but i'd say if its a volunteer position and your not getting paid then they probably wont. I'm in the same boat, been home for a week, five weeks sober, cant smoke cause i need to wait to see if my job drug tests. FUcking annoying, I'm sitting on a quarter too....

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