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Does anyone know if Startek drug tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cataclismic, May 20, 2010.

  1. I'm looking around for jobs and someone told me Startek is supposed to be a good place. Anyone know thier drug testing policy

  2. I don't know so this post is kind of irrelevant but I could have swore it says does Star Trek drug test. I was like sign me up, I wanna work on the Starship Enterprise haha. But I would assume they do, most places that are good to work at drug test. Now if you get a fast food job or something like that then you probably won't.
  3. From what I've seen of the academy and new recruits I'm assuming they get drug test upon hire. But seeing as how they're all stuck in far far away galaxy they must bake out their quarters all the time. It would totally explain why alot of characters are the way they are, Worf deff needs to make time for the reefer. So just don't smoke for a few weeks, get the job, than bring a few plants with you for your voyages.

    I'm baked and this sounds like an awsome idea, I think I'm going to start rewatching the whole series
  4. I would say yes after all the trouble kirk caused :smoke:
  5. No they don't. Pretty much everyone there is a stoner. That's why Kirk is always so paranoid and Spock is always so logical. It's that kick ass Romulan they smoke all the time.
  6. lol Startek people. It's a outsourcing company.
  7. LMFAO @ all the star trek comments... Bastards beat me to it :laughing:

    On topic, moreso, Google it, it usually helps when I need to find info about DTs

  8. Okay, I worked at Star Tek 3 months ago. When I first applied, they used mouth swabs for the drug test. So all was good I got in..(just a warning, that place sucks monkey balls unless you are good at hearing people complain and swear at you day in and day out.)

    A close friend of mine applied just last month because he really needed a job and he wound up getting a urinary analysis, so their policy may have just changed for the worse!
  9. My friend works there, and they did test him when he started, but never since. So take a break if you want the job bad enough. But like the above poster said, they bitch you out all day, and my friend has gotten very stressed from it.
  10. I recently worked at Verizon so I know how it feels lol.I didn't get tested there though. I've been heavy toking for months now pretty much 3-4 times a day everyday and went to work. I'd probably wouldn't be clean for months if I stopped right now right
  11. Startek in Grand Junction, CO uses escreen. They give you four days to take the test and nobody watches you pee.
  12. Good to know. I go in for assessments today.

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