Does anyone know how to

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  1. find programs or organizations that may potentially fund youth programs?
    anyone onGC got an inside source?

  2. Ronald McDonald house is a really good charity
  3. One idea is to plan an auction.
    Have local businesses donate their services that will be auctioned off.....
    a weekend at a bed and breakfast.
    A dinner at a nice restaurant.
    A weeks membership at a health club
    Lift passes at a ski lodge
    Movie tickets.
    lots of possibilities.
    Good luck it sounds like a good thing to do for your community.
  4. If you just direct any donations to me, I'll be sure to see that they find their way to some needy children. 
  6. yeah I'm gonna go with google too, a more exact question I might have a better answer for.
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    some search terms :
    Who funds youth programs?
    how are youth programs funded?
    what companies support youth programs?

    and so on...
    each search term will yield different results, even though the sayings are similar the wording itself will change some/most of your results. then it's just research, research, research.
    then once you find one you like look into that company or program in depth to make sure it's not a scam or there is no fishy activity. include scam or fraud with the companies name and do some searches. also "company  name" review, etc

    i'd also recommend using Yahoo answers.

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