Does anyone know how to wire a guitar? Please help!!!!

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    I recently acquired an ESP LTD-50. Decent guitar, but can't stand stock pickups, so I bought an EMG 81 for the bridge.

    Well, to make a long story short, I was finally able to get it all wired up (NOT correctly). I had to disengage the stock neck pickup because I couldn't wire to the toggle switch (the image of the toggle switch in the EMG directions/diagrams did not match with mine).

    No problem. I wouldn't have a problem using just the bridge pickup until I get an EMG 85.

    So I had it working last night. I played it again later and here's what happened:

    The volume know only turns the actual volume up to about 75% and then the sound cuts off and continues to turn the remaining 25% or so.

    You all know how a guitar sounds when the volume knob is not turned up all the way.

    Regardless, it still plays, but it's missing like 1/2 of it's gain.

    Not just that, but for the life of me I just can't ground this fucker.

    Can anyone help? +reps are the best I can do. :/


    Also, when you buy an EMG 81, they give you another volume knob, treble knob, and jack. There's no way the volume knob broke already. It's only been 12 hours!
  2. Sorry but I'm an idiot when it comes to the wiring. Only thing I can think of is maybe you did a half assed soldering job?

    Were the stock pickups also active pickups?
  3. No Soldering. With the wiring system they give you, the wires all click in.

    The stock pickups were not active. Very low end.

    And like I said, it was indeed working fine, but later on that shit happened.
  4. Sorry you got me a little confused now.

    EMG's are active so they run on a 9V battery, and you said the stock pickups were passive which doesn't run off of anything. So what's powering your 81 if the guitar doesnt have a battery box?
  5. Okay, this may seem like I put in a lot of effort to this one thread, but I texted my boyfriend and he said, "Oh yeah, it's tricky but I can tell you how."

    so he will be here in two hours, and if you don't have an answer by then, I'm your girl.
  6. ^^
    lol you beat me to it. I messaged my friend that can do this in his sleep. He wired the killswitch into my guitar, but he's since advanced and is going to college to build/program guitar pedals and such.

    He said he'd help out when he gets off work. But if Ruca beats me then :p
  7. The race is on:devious:

  8. Lol well you're going to win, he doesn't get off work till 7. But if your man can't find a solution I'm 99% sure mine can. Not really trying to race or anything :p just trying to help a blade out

  9. NO! It's a race!

    Winner gets 15 internets. GO!
  10. Check that all your wires are hooked up properly. Something similar happened to me and one of the red wires has an arrow on the plastic connector but its supposed to be facing down so you don't see the arrow.

    I had the arrow facing up thinking if they printed the arrow on there they probably meant for it to face upwards but i was wrong lol. Read the directions thoroughly its all in there.
  11. Aww snap - let the games begin! Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.
    Oh yeah - the EMG's are active, thus they give you all new wiring - including a battery terminal.
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    I flipped around all of the wires. Theyre all correct. It just may be the damn volume knob. :(
  13. Did you have to carve out a spot on the back and drill tunnels for the wiring?
  14. from the title i honestly thought you were asking how to restring a guitar.

    i feel your pain, i managed to do it once but i have no clue how. it was dumb luck.
  15. No. Thankfully the holes were already drilled.
  16. I concede! I forgot to ask.


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