Does anyone know how to make dubstep?

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  1. I want to try, I'm musically inclined and thought it'd be cool to throw dubstep into an acoustic guitar song, or just make a heavy, trippy song to listen to while high and be able to say "hell yeah, i made this"

    Does anyone have any free programs or know of any programs in general used to make some dubstep/do remixes?

    I've tried the dubstep on audacity but my computer wasn't having it work.

    thanks in advance :D
  2. Fruity loops, acid, sound forge are all good programs used to make dunstep. Fruity loops is prolly the easiest to use.
  3. make as many random beats as you can with lots of bass and other random various sound effects. add some shitty vocals.
    can probably do it in less than 30 minutes.
  4. I have a program called wavepad sound editor. Downloaded full version for free. Just search it on google. You know thats funny because i am doing the exact thing as you. Pm me if you make something cool man. ill pm u if i make anything good if you want too.
  5. First you gotta get the dirtiest sounding vacuum cleaner noise and then first thing you wanna do is mic it into your pa/and or amplifer, then you wanna hook it up to some kind of music program so you can add filters or that you can change like a resonance filter (did I mention you wanna have your bass on your equalizer turned up to ten) so you can record over your drum beat.
  6. I've seen Fruity Loops tutorials for dubstep. Don't know how good they are, as I've never bothered to watch, but I know they have them!
  7. I tried on Frootyloops once, so fucking hard.
  8. Dubstep I think is a bastard to make. Most of the work is in synths. And I find that really fucking hard.

    NI Massive is what a lot of people use to make their basses. Its awesome :)
  9. wubwubwubwubwubwub
  10. I have a friend that does this stuff on fruity loops all the time. Thats why I assume its easier. I've used sound forge and acid as production editors and I know they have music makers on them as well. Never made dubstep before though. Never cared.

    Anything else is not worth the learning time, trust me, ive tried them all and reason is the best, coki and funtcase use reason

    Theres some fricking sweet tut's at Boy in a Band

    SWIM torrented reason 5.0

  12. ^^tottally forgot abt Reason. Good program.
  13. smash a frog with a hammer while farting. but forreal fruity loops with an insert called massive
  14. i just started learning how to make music, here's the first track i made so far.
    [ame=]Doobstep- BassBoss - YouTube[/ame]
  15. burp n surk, bump

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