Does anyone know how to make a Pollen Press?

Discussion in 'General' started by PhoenixPharmer, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know a method that is effective, for making a pollen/hash press?


  2. some sort of vice?
  3. Im thinking maybe like, a fatty pen or something tube-ish.

    But then I dont know what I could use (thats the exact size of the pen opening) to pack it and to do the actual pressing.
    Know what I mean.

    Ive been wondering if anyone's made one of these, since we have quite a few McGuivers around here.
  4. Might work, real pollen presses can apply tons of pressure right?
  5. I know they apply a bit of pressure. Not too much though... I mean, its only 2 smaller tubes pressing into a larger, hollow tube... With the kief in between the smaller.

    But I also know the smaller 'presser rods' are made out of something that makes the pollen not stick,
    And fall all to shit when you pull a 'presser rod' out.

    No one sells em at smokeshops and I dont have a card to buy one on here.
    I dont trust banks.
  6. Money order.
  7. get a piece of round stock and drill out the middle and turn 2 piece on lathe, make 2 caps and thread them

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