Does anyone know how to drill a glass bottle

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  1. I am making a glass bong and i have the down stem but i just need the body and the problem is i need a drill and its over my grand fathers house now i plan on going into his basement "Borrowing" his drill press for a second now i dont know how i plan on bringing the bottle,plyers,and a pair of safety googles and i know how to use a drill press just not for glass any experinced bong makers here and does anyone know if i can use a glass cutter
  2. GO SLOW! It will take forever, but it should work. Diamond drill bits + running water over the glass is your best bet.
  3. when i was drilling my bong, i filled it with water too while holding it under the faucet thereafter.
    that way theres water on both sides of the future hole. it ended up being a near perfect hole in the end after grinding down the inner edges.
  4. Ask a sales rep at home depot.
  5. Diamond drill bit merrrrrrp
  6. buy a glass or tile drill bit for like 10 bucks. put the glass in a tub of cold water. make the drill go fast, but push into it slowly. maybe wear gloves if it shatters.

    good luck.
  7. diamond drill bit is good, but you dont need to run water over it. it works both ways the same
  8. or fill it with sand to absorb shock while running water or pouring water over it and the drill bit because both get very hot after long drilling.

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