Does Anyone Know Anything About Vpns? Few Questions.

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    What i want to do is be able to have my ip hidden on the web, or have the sites i visit encrypted.
    First off, that is possible with a vpn right?
    I don't want to pay for for a service i would rather just set up my own.  I have two computers to run the server and the client.
    So really i just need to know if i set it up following a guide such as the one below would it hide my ip/the websites i visit from my isp?

    Edit: I'm a college student and the school monitors wifi and i would prefer to not worry about them seeing my history.

  2. Jailbreak/root your phone and tether for free. Easier.
  3. Doesn't tether cost money? my phone used to be jailbroken and it was like $9.99 to have the witether app
  4. You can tether for free with a rooted device. The best way to stay hidden on the web as far as I know is to use Tor. Theres plenty of info on that site about how it works and whatnot. Plus you get access to the deep web which is a massive but strange and scary place...
  5. private internet access is the best VPN out. its only like $20/year... you could use it for carding, it is one of the most secure as well. no logs.
  6. tether me is a one time app cost of $4.99. I have unlimited data with ATT but idk how much data you would be using at school.
  7. Hidemyass works well....lotsof options too.
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    No you cannot set up your own VPN to do this the way you want.  Go with something more like Tor.
    Here's why it doesn't work; let me explain how it normally works when people do what you're attempting:
    Bob wants to hide his home IP address from the Internet
    Bob pays a VPN hosting provider for their service
    Bob configures his network to route all of his Internet traffic to the VPN server, which then routes it out to the Internet.
    What this does is show everybody the IP of Bob's hosted VPN server, instead of his home IP address.  If they want his home IP address they have to get the VPN hosting provider to cough it up (usually via subpoena).
    So if you have the server at your house, it is still going to show your home IP address which gains you nothing.
  9. Thanks for the info guys i'll look it to all of that figure it out.
  10. Yea you can use something like Hotspotshield, but this doesn't hide your mac address, but you can fake (spoof) this, but its time consuming so just use ultrasurf of def tor, but be careful andmake sure to disable most add ons like JavaScript cause that can give away yo ip, hope this helps
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    I have VPN through "Private internet Access."
    $39.95 for a yearly subscription or $7 a month.
    It gets the best reviews in PC Magazine.,2817,2414799,00.asp
    Works on PC, Mac, iPhones, Android, Linux, etc. 5 devices per account. So far so good. I will update if any issues arise.
    Right now my IP says I am in New York - but I am not.
  12. Instead of using VPN to hide IP,you could build elite proxy..
    You can build your own through a hosting company that offers Linux VPS hosting for about 15 bucks a month. I won't walk through the process here, but you can google and find what you need. Takes about 15-20 minutes to set it up with a low degree of difficulty. Forget about all the free proxy IPs you see out there... they're worthless and not anonymous since your IP can be leaked very easily with these. Once you create your elite proxy IP, plug it in firefox, utorrent or whatever and your good to go.

    But just remember one thing... Just because you're surfing the net anonymously doesn't mean that you can get away with doing illegal things. The hosting company doesn't snoop around in your server, but the IP address they rent to you belongs to them. So if you're trying to do illegal things while using their servers and their IP address, they're not going to be happy. Worst case is they ask you to leave.. just move on to another host. This is the best and only way to truly hide your IP.later check in whether it has been hidden with proxy  

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