Does anyone know anything about vista

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  1. My laptop is f'd up for real. I shut it down with updates one night, rebooted it in the morning and everything went to hell. I was able to do a computer defrag thing but immediately after that everything froze up. I haven't been able to do anything on it yet. Everything runs fine in safe mode though.
    Anyone who could help me I would really appreciate it. I had to type all this shit on my iTouch
  2. While in safe mode can you do a system restore? If all else fails you could reformat or use the factory cd that came with it to restore it back to the original way it came.

  3. I'll do that and get back to you
  4. Gettin it high didn't work so I will try grinDer's way
  5. Now safe mode isn't working
  6. start up your computer and hold like DEL or f2 maybe theres a restore built in...worked on myne when i had that problem
  7. I had that happen a month ago and ending up losing EVERYTHING on my lappy because I didn't make back up CD's or a back up Hard Drive...

    I ended up just re-installing the operating system and everything. It took forever but my lappy hasn't screwed up since and runs great now. Vista looks cool but is such shit.
  8. Try System Restore to when you never had any problems.

    If that doesn't help or you cant get onto it you should consider putting all files you care about onto an external hardrive and wiping your computer :(. I've had windows updates mess my computers up before it sucks, good luck :smoke:.

  9. Couldn't agree with you more vista is complete rubbish.
    I don't mind losin everything as long as it works the only important things I had were autocad files but I had those backed up
  10. First try system restore as other said!
  11. yeah i know im not supposed to upgrade to it

    i was going to but the blades on GC strongly advised me against it .

    apparently vista is no good
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    I would try to restore with your Vista CD from the boot menu and just install it over the same partition. You'll lose all your shit though.

    Alternatively you can install a new OS on a separate partition so you can at least use your computer until it gets fixed. Your files wont be deleted, but you still wont be able to access them til its cured.
  13. It basically is just not responding anymore. The cd's that came with it are at my dads house so I've been trying to reset it without using any applications. Because it instantly freezes
  14. Why is there so many people complaining about Vista? I never used it, but it looks like apple OS.
  15. Happened to me a while back. I actually just left it off for a week ten turned it on one day and it worked for about 20 min untill it turned off and started beeping. I called the help line and they had it fixed in 10 min.

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