Does Anyone Know About GSC???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kjack707, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I have been on this site for couple months now (made new account) and when i talk about Girl Scout Cookies on here, it seems to me that no one knows what it is?? has anyone grown or smoked it?? i have a crop full of them right now! and i was just looking for alittle advice about them. I honestly think it is the hottest strain around right now! cannabis clubs are looking everywhere to get their hands on some GSC. There have been GSC buds tested at 37% THC!!! If anyone knows any info about growing GSC, then please fill me in on some secrets please ;)
  2. cuts are just starting to circulate thru socal in the last couple weeks, who knows how legit they are

    smoked some gsc in San Francisco last March, shit was really amazing, great functional high but very strong. wish I could get a legit cut.
  3. yea this bud is some real deal FIRE!!! lol i have authentic GSC clones right now, shoot i just made 41 clones of them the other day and are looking to get rid of some of them lol

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  4. everybody's clones "are authentic"

  5. I gad gsc in like sept I enjoyed it.
  6. lol mine are authentic! i bought them straight from the hemp center in San Francisco personally lol and for $100 per a clone they better be authentic lol! i also know they are authentic because they have that fruity, spicy, cotton candy smell and taste to it and the cotton candy/spicy smell is very distinct in all the GSC bud, so i know my plants are the real deal lol
  7. 100$ for a clone dam dude weed wasnt that good. I like headband better
  8. Next time come to Sonoma county, gsc clones are fifteen bucks all day long, I made sure if it.
  9. Id dont think id pay 100$ a clone for any strain
  10. I paid eighty with every intent if destroying the market up here single headed. Now they are twelve to fifteen, mission accomplished.
  11. Good smoke indeed...but $100 apiece, the price makes it something I wont have for a looong time.
  12. at first i thought the massive hype surrounding this strain was exaggerated and based on the catchy name alone. until i smoked some that is.

    its a very satisfying strain for those seasoned smokers that call for high levels of thc. i dig it because i can take a rip or two, and be cool. its fast, effective, and efficient.

    as far as growing cookies, they are a bit touchy. in general, compared to other strains, they seem to prefer a dryer root zone, lower nutrient levels, and dry cool air.
  13. and kjack, you currently have a crop of cookies going?

    what stage are they in?

  14. yes i do i have 2 of them week 7 and more 9 in week 3 of flowering. i also have about 25 of them in veg and over 50 clones i made the other day lol
  15. lol ok i was just jerking everyones chain i got the clones for $25 a piece lol and the guy who sold the clones to the club was also selling his bud and his bud was looking AMAZING!!!!! LOL
  16. bznuts916... i see you live in the sacramento area? i just recently moved up here about 7 months ago lol
  17. high times mag top 10 strain of 2012
  18. so far, what can u share about your experience with growing the strain?
  19. well i can tell you so far that they are honestly the best strain i have ever grown in my life!!! lol ive only been doing for 3 years not too long, but they are some of the purplest plants and buds ive grown, they naturally grow soooo purple without even lowering the temperature too much, my night temps are around 60-65. Do you grow? are you looking for some clones?
  20. I can't speak for anyone else but I can say I pride myself on having some pretty top notch genetics, as a cloner, it is my thing so to speak.

    I sell as many GSC clones as I do NL, Skunk, Electric Kool Aid, Durban, Kens GDP and ATF combined, it has been very very good to me from that standpoint. I also like that the elitist mentality of ultra high priced clones has pretty well disappeared in my market (North of the Golden Gate). Color should actually be mildly purple with cool temps, not a true purp, more like strands of color throughout the bud and not so much on the leaf. Orange hairs make for a nice contrast.

    I have flowered it twice now, I won't say I have it dialed in yet but pretty close. It is very nice, worth keeping and growing for sure, by the same token there is no plant out there that could live up to the hype. If you grow great dope you'll grow great GSC, then again, you'll grow great (fill in the blank) too, probably faster and with higher yeilds.

    Yeild is medium (using Sour D as a top end benchmark), takes about 63-70 days (too damn long imo for a medium yeilder) and grows in a very uniform shape, not too stretchy, honestly quite similar to NL in growth pattern, just slower by about 30 days start to finish (including veg). I would bet it would be great for a SOG, I just don't have the space for something that takes that long in my SOG room.

    The high, nose and flavor are wonderful, I always have a couple oddball plants in my main flower room so my stash jars stay pretty full, I have tossed aside Vortex, Black Domina, HP, Cheese, Romulan, on and on really for a new FOTM. For the forseeable future I don't see GSC going anywhere besides into my bong.

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