Does anyone just enjoy these plants for their beauty?

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    I'm sure it's been asked many times before.  Some of the plants I see posted are just gorgeous.  Sure, there is the harvest, but along the way, you have to marvel at the beauty and diversity of these plants.
    If corn plants were this diverse and had such a dedicated following, people would be growing corn as house plants for their asthetics alone.
    Maybe that should be a reason for legalization.  Denying someone "art" is like denying someone religion.

  2. I do.  Smoking is great, but growing is a pleasure IMO.
    Your not going to win any arguments with the 'Art' approach though.  LOL
    Cool avatar, had a cat like that when I was young.
  3. Idk man, you look at just how much corn has been bred over time from what it started as? Thats beautiful to me anyway.
    Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.  I get where you are coming from with corn, it has come a long way.  I live in the corn belt, but does corn have the diversity of the plant this forum is dedicated to?  If anything, corn right now is becoming less diverse.  That's not necessarily a good thing.
    That pic is from when he was a kitten.  He's now a mini panther.  :p
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  6. There are probably more strains of corn than weed, just very few are grown for mass production.

    Weed is more aesthetically pleasing than some plants though and because its a drug you tend to have a closer bond.
    I can understand that.  In my area, it is all about mass production.
  8. We have an extensive collection of plants of all types. Indoor citrus, culinary herbs, vegetables and medicinal herbs. 90% of our plants are for food production.
    My outdoor gardens were so lush and over grown you could not find a cannabis plant with out hunting for it. I did show a friend and they were like "oh shit, that's not a tree"
    On the topic of corn we grew some broom corn. that stuff grows very tall. We started with a hand full of seed and now have enough to do a nice plot.
    My favorite plants are sunflowers.
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  9. Off topic about the cat in my avatar.  A coworker took in a stray that happened to be pregnant.  Before the kittens were born, she was already looking for homes.
    Female was a gray calico.  I told her I would take one under these conditions ( I already had/have 1 cat ).  It had to be male, had to be short hair, and had to be a black and white "tuxedo" cat.
    As luck would have it, 2 of the 6 matched that description.  That's why I now have Kevin.  lol
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