Does anyone in MA know of any dispensary locations set to open???

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  1. Hey, I am in MA and have my appt set up to get my script for MMJ. I was wondering if there are any people from MA who have heard any news about locations of dispensaries that plan to open. Please lets hear about it!:hello:

  2. Good luck with your search.
  3. I wish i could help you but i have no clue about this stuff. I think theyre supposed to start either opening or being approved at least by march. I hope they get some dispensaries soon. I also hope that the laws are reciprocating so i can use my cali med card when i go back home to visit friends
  4. The MMJ law in MA is pretty much a death bed MMJ law. And the roadblocks they have put up for someone to open a dispensary is rather huge. You will be hard pressed to find one. Its going to take someone who is not interested in making a profit and is willing to jump through a lot of hoops to satisfy the government.
  5. Death bed??? I dont think so. At least not from what I had heard it was going to be. And if I get a script, I can also grow up to 24 plants myself. I have no doubts that I will get the script... I thought dispensaries were being planned though. Do you live in MA???
  6. No dispensaries planned in MA, RI has dispensaries opening soon, however.
  7. Will I be able to go to RI to purchase at the dispensary even though my script will be from MA???
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    Where on earth did you get this info? None of this stuff has been ironed out yet, especially the # of plants (who is allowed to grow and how much is very much still up in the air) and what qualifies someone for a script. "I heard" is not reliable info.

    Plus, its not even 2013 yet. We'll be lucky to see any dispensaries opened up by this time next year considering the hoops people are going to have to jump through to open one up.

    Again... absolutely nothing can happen until at least after Jan 1 where the gov has about 120 days to iron out the details.
  9. They are very specific about the illnesses covered. If you have any of those illnesses, you have my sympathy.
  10. Only if you're illness is covered in the ri guidelines

  11. well, I was reading the details in the newspaper just before we voted. so that is where I got that info. :eek:

  12. I have quite a few things wrong with me, although none life threatening, still extremely painful though and thanks but I dont need sympathy, just pot :D LOL
  13. Frankly, the way the news talks about it and infers things is mostly crap. Ive heard/seen plenty of info that ends up in newspapers that contradict one another.

    As written, there simply are not enough details to make any of the claims that youre making about scripts/growing
  14. So what am I supposed to do when I get my script if there are no dispensaries? I will have to grow my own... how will I know what I am allowed to grow if it is "before" they decide???
  15. Its simple... you still have to purchase your 'meds' illegally. Really by getting your script now youre not in any different scenario than anyone else since its already decriminalized. Youre doing more than jumping the gun.
  16. Well, yeah its decriminalized but if you get a ticket you pay a hundred dollar fine. If I got a script then I dont pay the fine.... right???
  17. I heard you pretty much had to have a terminal illness ie: cancer or aids to get a card in MA. I have family and friends in the area and they were saying that they don't anticipate many, if any, dispensaries opening up anytime soon.

  18. No. Sorry but there aren't any interstate MMJ rules in place and if there were, the Feds would shit themselves and shut the whole thing down.

  19. Just look at what's covered. Like I said in an earlier post, I feel for you if you're one of those people.
  20. @ friedfever.... when I was 30, I was told that I had the spine of a 70 yr old woman and would probably end up in a wheel chair. No wheel chair yet, I REFUSE to go there, but I am now 53 and am feeling the pain! Not just from that either... I have multiple issues, any one of which could probably qualify me. I just want my pot!!! :)

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