Does anyone here work at UPS (United Parcel Service)?

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  1. So i applied to work at the nearest UPS here at home and so far the HR guy makes it seem very worth it if I stay dedicated to the company. Ive read mixed reviews online but most of it is on how much the work is hard on your body. The pay sounds awesome (the driver) which i am currently applying for and they are going to send me to school in the next month for UPS intregrad. Im just wondering if theres anyone here who currently works there or who is a seniority that can shed some light on the job if its worth the wait or not. Im sure UPS has changed drastically over the years since it was first operated. So if anyone. please. thanks.

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  2. I'm from the UK I worked at a UPS warehouse the work is graft you feel dead by the end of your shift
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  3. Also if you're driving for a job like that I'm sure they take the drug testing seriously. Plus if you're in the US you need a CDL (commercial drivers license) and I'm pretty sure you need to keep your record really clean as far as tickets and stuff goes to keep it.

    I've considered working there myself though so please lmk if it works out and is something you'd recommend.
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  4. I only did the seasonal driver helper from November to January and had a driver around my age in his late twenties and then a guy in his 40s tell me about how they started in the warehouse and it was worth the wait. You can Google UPS online forums and read their complaints and get insight, too. From what I can tell, it's worth the pay but a job is a job. Delivering packages to residential and businesses, not spending all day in one space, and getting to interact with friendly regulars was awesome. Especially around Christmas because people would give out free food lol. The things I didn't like were time went by slower than when I worked in fast food and it was about the same pay as a "helper" for doing way more physical work than grilling hamburgers, the winter weather with ice and snow, and getting shin splints from hopping on and off the truck sucked.

    Becoming a UPS driver is one of the only realistic careers I can see myself doing well at and not being completely miserable. I've got a family friend who works at FedEx and he told me he's always looking for new workers too, but he told me UPS pays A LOT better. What else do you have in mind besides UPS and what obligations do you have right now? If UPS seems like the best option for you, go with your gut. Most decent careers you have to start somewhere and the pay/benefits are great for work that isn't hard to do.

    I just got off a 2 and a half year probation in April and I spent the past 5 years taking care of my mom until she passed away last September, so I felt like I was "stuck" in life for a while when friends and ex girlfriends went off to college, started families, passed away, or already have their career going. I'm only 23 so it's hard to imagine 5-6 days a week for the rest of my life doing a job just because it's tolerable unless it's something I had to do to support a family. I rather get high and make just enough to pay my bills for now than spend the rest of my life wasted doing something that wasn't important to me. I think you should only start at the warehouse if you plan to stick with UPS for the long haul (pun intended). It depends on where you're at now and where you want to be years from now. There's a lot to consider but it'd be a waste to do warehouse for a while with shit pay and quit too early when you could've spent that time elsewhere.
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  5. ^^ Well for starters im not sure if its all around the US. But they do not drug test you if you are going to drive the Box trucks which also do not require a CDL license. I know this because i applied for the Driver position (which he said will take a few years to get a FULL TIME position) and just finished the pre-course driving test. You do have to take a DOT physical. The HR manager called the doctors right there in the office with me to schedule a appointment and repeatedly said, "No Drug Screen. Just the regular DOT test". He said it like 3 times. lol I was so happy when he said that but stayed quiet also. Now im not 100% sure if they will drug test you when you go full time but thats farther down the future so im not too worried about that. They can however test you if they feel like you are under the influence at work or while driving. But so far i have read from other people on that they do not drug test. And again you dont need a CDL to drive there box trucks. But they are strict on training which im going through the process right now. Will keep you updated.

    Sorry to hear about your mother my friend. Thank you for the response. It a response i was looking for. I understand that you can make the same grilling burgers (working as package handler) but they have really good benefits. And its all 100% covered. You really cant beat that. And also they will pay i think $10,000.00 of your schooling once you work there. I was thinking about getting my CDL license and having UPS pay for it. Also the UPS im going to work for is a Union. So theres pros and cons about that. But i feel its more fair than working at a warehouse where the manager picks favorites. I have been doing roofing for the last 10 years and now i am ready for a steady job with a steady pay check which i can make a career out of. Im aiming for the Drivers position hands down. And i read they make almost $80,000.00 a year. I just gotta stick it out. Im 27 now. I figure if i stay loyal i can be driving full time before im 35. Ill start as part time for a year from 4am-9am. Then i have all the free time in the world. I never had that while i was roofing.

    I guess what im looking for is peoples experience. Thanks again for the response amigo :)
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  6. Ah my bad. I could have sworn I heard you did, and kinda figured you would but that's surprising that you don't. Either way you probably will want to keep your record quite clean. Not that that's too difficult or anything. Thanks for the info though.
  7. Yea they do check for a clean driving record. He said its gotta be less than 3 tickets or violations from the last 3 years. Even a seat belt ticket. Whatever, they want a clean record. And surprisingly i have a clean record. lol. Also cant have a charges relating to theft or assault. Surprisingly, i dont have any of those either. lol. Do you live in the US?
  8. Yep.
  9. I start tuesday.......................

    anyone else have a opinion.

  10. I work at a place in the US that has a UPS driver come every day to pick-up our packages. I am looking for a better job but I don't like the way that the driver feels about his job. I guess they must rush to finish every stop and that is how it works all the time. If you don't mind rushing all the time and having a tight schedule all the time then you might enjoy working there? I heard the pay is pretty good though.
  11. My son in law works there. During Christmas you can expect to work until 10:00 pm some nights. They give you a shit ton of packages and you work until they are all delivered. They really aren't good to their employees but it's good money. If it slows down during certain times of the year, you won't get 40 hours. I guess it depends on where you live, too.
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