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Does anyone here live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is the right sub-forum or not, but I need stoner friends. I need to get away from my bitch roommate, and his dipshit girlfriend. I need.....friends. I am, what you would say, an extremely shy person when it comes to people I virtually share no interests with.
  2. Not Oshkosh but I am in wisco! Only three hours away from ya
  3. inb4 the inevitable bacon jokes
    he's asking to just chill with people, not get connects

  4. This. I need to know more than 2 people who I won't get a speech from when they learn I smoke weed.

    Someone asked me " you do like, heroin, too?".
  5. Im in the kosh dawg. It shouldn't be hard to find someone w/ the same interests as you. Even if the only interest is pot. Put yourself out there man, it really isn't that hard, you just gotta overcome that initial nervousness.

  6. All of my nerd friends dont drink or do drugs. But you say you live here, man, yea? You live on campus?
  7. I live in Appleton. I love this area. so hey!
  8. I live in Appleton, great area to be
  9. haha thats ridiculous, I really can't stand those kinda people....
    nerdy friends are the best to smoke with imo... I love being able to talk about things that no one else would have any clue wtf you're talking about and just chill

    too bad I live really far away!:(
  10. Green bay here...
    Reppin the pack! 10-0 bitchezzzz
  11. No way man, I live miles away, in Arkansas.

  12. My brain is so full of fuck right now. You say you live in "The Kosh", your profile says Madison, and now you say Arkansas. Am I tripping balls right now?
  13. Got some friends that go to oshkosh, nd smoke hella herb. Reppin Waukesha here
  14. im in sconnie too. i hear where you're comin from bro. my roommates despise weed.
  15. I lol'd at people who say "it shouldn't be hard get friends" "find people" if he could he wouldn't be making this thread.

  16. Your friends live on/near the UWO campus?
  17. I want friends :(
  18. Oh my gosh, I have never even heard of Oshkosh. I have heard of Wisconsin, but have no idea where it is or anything about it.

  19. dawg, stop saying shit like that.

    Yeah I go to Oshkosh, I live on campus, but I'm not comfortable giving out any more than that.

    Let me give you some advice, get off your ass and fuckin meet people. Instead of sitting in your room on the computer go out and talk to people on your floor, if that doesn't work than go check out the other floors. You just need to build some confidence man, I'm not tryin to be a dick, I'm just tellin you what you need to do.

  20. Dawg, I was exaggerating my predicament. I have friends, just none who smoke.

    Don't need to be paranoid, bro, I don't work for the school or the cops or anything. Hell, I probably live not a minute walk from you.

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