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Does anyone here like blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazed Ho, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. It seems that everyone here like joints and no one really like blunts. I LOVE BLUNTS , who here loves them too
  2. who doesnt love blunts
  3. it just seems that everyone here always talk abou joints and theres not much talk about blunts
  4. OK check out on the second page of this "Seasoned Tokers forum" and observe the thread "blunts"

    and hell yeah blunts are my fav

    for those polls what do u like to smoke out of best and doesn't mention blunts my answer is: all of the above and shit u ain't even tried yet.
  5. I love blunts. We smoked a cholcolate one the other day that rocked.
  6. I never got into smoking blunts until college...all through highschool blunts be passed around, but Id get sooooo screwed up (seeing that this was the only point apparently to smoke then) so Id smoke them, but never really enjoy the high, I dunno it was wierd. THEN off to college I go! and have gotten to really like them. Well appreciating mj more anyway helped, and my favorite memory was, I was living with a group of girls and neighbors that always had sessions, smoking fantabulous blunts! for 2 days I was stuck on the couch with a broken ankle, and they would have sessions (had to go in the other room for the sessions) and the included me in the rotation!! it was so sweeet. everyone took turns coming out to the couch to give me shotguns. lol I love college. and blunts. lol, givin and (ESP!) getting shotguns are always fun!
  7. Marijuana cigars are excellent.
  8. If you got enough weed, blunts top pretty much everything...almost
  9. i love blunts when they are done correctly. Its kinda pointless to try to roll a blunt with the 'shake' from the bottom of the bag, a kickin' super high blunt is when you roll it with a gram of your favorite shit, dip it in honey, and suck on that mofo for ever. Even better is if you got loads of weed, and pack a goddi, and then pass it around, everyone gets so smoked,a nd there still is weed left over, thats the greatest.
  10. hince my name.. lol

    I love blunts but when you got really good weed there is no need.. wow that rhymed..
  11. i just realized i haven't smoked a j in a long while...we always have enough weed for a blunt :D
  12. what are these strange marijuana cigar blunts you speak of?
  13. and what is that taste, taste like canabis and chocolate. Ahh, refreshing, the good ol' phily chocolate blunt
  14. I don't get it, but have smoked em....
    why dilute the good weed with the bad weed?
    I like the taste of cannabis
  15. Just a few ours ago, me and some college buddies of mine rolled about 3-4 grams into a phillies cigar roll.

    There were 5 of us and we smoked it around a few turns.

    It was very sweet and I'll be doing it again before the weekend is out! :)
  16. Hell I looovve blunts,twist me a backwoods blunt, fo sheezie!

    Anyone else use backwoods,what flavor?I use the sweet aeromatic
  17. I fucking love blunts man! They are my passion. The original Blunt post, i put that shit up just to see if there were Blunt smokers! And there are maad blunt smokers, respect for that.

    Backwoods are the shit. Thats a true blunt to me!

    I rather smoke a blunt than Anything. Honestly.


  18. I don't get THAT! Why would you mix bad weed and good weed together for a blunt? I always just use whatever I'm smoking at the time. I just have never heard of people doing that as a normal practice.

    mixing godd weed with crappy weed is fun if you fet the right proportions it can give you a reallly paranoid high,am I the only one that finds the paranoia fun?
  20. ithink he was refering t tbacco as the "bad" weed

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