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Does anyone here have any experience with Delta 8 THC?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by midnighthour91, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. I had never heard of it before I saw this CBD company with products with "Delta 8 THC". Apparently it's a form of high that is stronger than CBD(obviously because CBD gives no high), where you remain clear headed and focused. Apparently it's legal for this company to ship Delta 8 THC products anywhere in the country.

    I'm just curious for those who have tried it - is it truly comparable to a normal THC high, or is it really a much more watered down high?
  2. reported
  3. its better than d9 imo... no paranoia anxiety.. you feel stoned but still very much functional.. very difficult to describe.. there is a huuuge community talking about r/delta8 alone on reddit check it out
  4. A little trigger happy there, pal. Questions aren't solicitations.
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  5. i usually open about 25 new threads in the mornings and over half are reported for solicitation, or self promo. which are deleted.

    this one was obviously a mistake.

    sorry to offend you.

    have a good night.
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  6. No offense taken (hope you have a good sense of humor with my video retort)
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  7. Will this cause you to fail a drug test. My work does random drug screens but d8 is legal. I heard you may fail the first screen but when they send it of for more specific testing gc/ms testing that test will only be looking for d9. Does anyone know anything about this
  8. I’ve been reading up on delta 8 a bit lately. It looks like a little different high and large health pros.
    I do know of a few places that sell it online in Canada.
  9. Is there a place to find out about drug testing and delta 8
  10. You will have to research that yourself. This delta 8 product sounds like something that the wife would be into.
  11. I have been no conclusion. Says that may fail the first byt when the fail is sent for gc/ms testing they are looking for d 9 but others say you will fsil
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    Everything I've read from misc sources said you will test positive for thc, it's only legal because it's Delta 8 and not Delta 9 THC or THC 9 (apologies for not being more specific on the name) which is your classic thc. If it gets enough attention in non legal states from the cocksucka authorities they'll move quickly to make it illegal. It seems now that there's more manipulation and actual full legal states out there with growers and labs with bug quantities of Cannabis to tinker with that they're starting to play the game with Cannabis molecules that was being done with research chemicals 10 years ago when you could buy 'incense' like Spice and K2 at your gas station that would give you weird artificial semi cannabis like highs, unlike those though which didn't show on piss tests at the time (arguably the biggest reason behind thier popularity) this being a THC molecule does, it's simply not covered (yet) by the mountains of miscellaneous drug laws out there, I wouldn't risk it on a pre employment screen though, they would probably just decline to hire you because you popped positive for THC

    As for the high, sadly I have no idea, from what I've read it's a mixed bag, many people who dab and whatnot, so obviously ingesting high quantities of THC, report feeling little to nothing others say it's a nice Sativa like high, looking forward to getting some and trying, been on a t break/ new job piss test clean out break for 2 months as of today, live in a non legal state but it is available through CBD Dispensaries here, soon as I get my piss test for this new job I just got offered done I'm gonna try that before I get flower just to see what it's like, if I like it I may just stick with it for awhile as it's a 20 min round trip drive to the nearest CBD Dispensary versus an hour round trip drive to another county out in the country to my dealers

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  13. The only delta 8 specific products I’ve seen were distillate vape cartridges.
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  14. Saw this stuff at a flea market this past Saturday. In addition to selling CBD buds, this place was selling Delta 8 THC buds which I found out were CBD buds sprayed with Delta 8 THC Distillate I think. They are selling the Delta 8 THC vape cartridges for $50 a gram and I tried a couple sample shots from a Grand Daddy Purple Vape cart. I think it may have given me a slight head change. Not a 100% sure though. ✌
  15. So definitely nowhere like a classic THC high eh?

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  16. A friend tried some delta 8 gummies and did the at home self test. He was positive for thc for a week.

    I have also been told that some head shops have just been adding a delta 8 sticker to cover up the thc label on the packaging on some gummies.

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  17. not at all. Very weak head change. Most likely lowered my blood pressure. I’m in south Florida so it’s always hot. ✌ Plus flea market bud is pretty sketchy.....was brown and dry looking. Didn’t have that bag appeal.

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  18. I have a delta 8 distillate cartridge. And a very low THC tolerance.. I feel basically nothing even when i take back to back hits of the delta 8
  19. In my experience it causes me just as much anxiety but I can take 1/4 of a 25mg gummy and enjoy it (I have very low thc tolerance) I prefer natural herb but it’s cool that it is a legal option available now.
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  20. D8 has been great for me. D8 has a shorter effect with less long lasting fog that comes with d9. My tolerance has quickly gone up though. I get Delta 8 Flower from

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