Does anyone here actually buy stuff on grasscity?

Discussion in 'General' started by Misterman228, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I remember i tried buying a bowl off here but there was this huge extra tax on it for some reason.

  2. Nah. Been here roughly 6 years off and on and I've never even looked at the store. :confused_2:
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    I would rather buy in person in a head shop.
  4. nah, i been byin off of Grasscity is WAY to expensive, especially with the bubblers
  5. No, I've heard too many negative things about it. ..But the forums are awesome lol
  6. I got two spoons and a bubbler from the shop over like a year. I broke em all, they were costly, and the wait for them kinda sucked. I've decided to buy locally from now on. They were amazing pieces though, makes me sad they're gone.

    The entire smoking experience has been a bit lackluster since my good spoon died...

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391751485.531706.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391751537.264779.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391751665.615409.jpg

    R.I.P. "The Kraken"...

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    I've looked at the store before, but i'd rather buy locally. I feel like i'm in a stoner candy store when i go to the head shop. :smoke:
    on a side note, that's a really kickass spoon NoghriB! ^^^
  8. Shipping is way too expensive in the states, no thanks.
  9. Sorry for the loss, it looks like you could've get some bomb hits out of it.

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  10. A metal chambered pipe..
  11. wooooooowww that thing looks sooo sick! how could you let it crack? do you have a link to it?
  12. I've gotten orders from GC a couple times.
    I have a bong, two bubblers, a spoon, and a chillum from here. The longest order took a couple weeks, shortest was like 4 days because the chillum was from the Made In the USA section and shipped from Florida. 
  13. The actual stuff is not that expensive to be honest, but the shipping is.
  14. I've thoight about it but always figured it wasn't work it since I live in the US and could just get a new poece in the time it takes to get here. Either way the shop does have some cool shiit and i'm sure it's legit (will just take awhile)
    Yeah, they do a lot of sales though. If you can catch a 20 or 30 percent off sale and you're gonna order like a $100 bong, it's like free shipping anyway. :p 
    I usually prefer to shop locally, but I'm happy with the stuff I got here. I don't know if I'll buy another piece anytime in the next... I don't know, ever, because I have like 40 fucking pieces and it's ridiculous. :laughing: 
  16. I only have a 30 euro bong that can't hold ice in it lol. I had a 120$ bong back in Canada, with a nice ashcatcher and it had tubes in the middle so I could put ice there and the smoke will be cool on the throat. I tried a vanilla extract in the water once, hahaha. the smoke had a vanilla flavour in it but I didn't know if it's healthy or not so I didn't do it again. It's a lie, I did it like 5 times and then I said I wouldn't do it again, and I haven't.
  17. I only buy during black friday or other big sales, that way the shipping pays for itself and there are tons of great deals on GC once the shipping price is out of the way.
    I've ordered probably 6+ items, from a desktop vape to a bong and everything in between.
    They always give me extra stuff like a grinder or papers with my order too which is cool
  18. Yeah I've bought a few small items.
  19. well i bought something, immediately found something better on a different website, tried to cancel the item and get a refund, they didnt even acknowledge it and stgill sent it to me from overseas, made me pay for customs (20dollars) and send it back. i ordered the pipe on  18th december, it got here late january.. still havnt had a refund. 
    bottom line, please do not fucking buy from this store, whatever you do
  20. A couple things yeah, although i'm in the UK so shipping isn't very expensive at all.

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