Does anyone have friends like this?

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  1. I have this friend who I occasionally smoke with, he's a pretty cool guy, but sometimes very annoying. What he does that bothers me is he ridicules and insults me on a daily basis. Not big things, just very small things, such as "idiot" or "dumbass" which piss me off because he says them ALL THE TIME. In his opinion, I'm an idiot and a dumbass.. And well, what would you do GC, If you had a friend like that?

    Thanks. :smoking:

  2. I wouldnt have a friend like that.. :rolleyes:
  3. May I ask why?
  4. I used to have a friend like that. He was a complete douchbag all the time. so one day i got sick of it and punched him in the face.

    And one question, Have you ever asked him if he was kidding or if he would stop? and if he doesn't do wat i did. it will get rid of him alot faster
  5. All of my friends talk shit to each other like advice talk shit back...unless your a fuck up that gives him a reason to call you those things. But yeah my guess is hes playing around talk shit back.
  6. Dude, if you don't like it... call him out on it. If he doesn't like it, then fuck him.

    I call people dumbass and other endearing nicknames of these nature, but when they tell me they do it back I can handle it. :p
  7. i had a friend like that and just ignored it i talked to him about it and he kept continuing so i just stopped talking to him for a while and now hes in jail
    karma :devious:
    edit/ that sounded fucked up but no i didnt do aything but always be nice to him hooked him up all the time and he kept putting me down why put yourself through that shit i dont talk to people who dont give me good vibes bro

  8. That's what I'm saying, man. lol.
  9. I have friends sort of like that. But it's all good, when we meet up or talk to each other we'll be like what's up fag. Or what's up little bitch. Then after the greeting it's just normal. I wouldn't be able to put up with someone calling me an idiot or dumbass all the time.

  10. Yes I agree with this. Insulting one another is all in good fun, until one person gets sick of it and stops responding, and the other person just keeps doing it.

    I would say ask him to stop, or at least cut-back because if he's your friend he will respect the fact that he is annoying the hell out of you.

    And if not? :confused:

    Edit: I had a friend like this and he eventually caught on himself that I wasn't saying anything back and once he realized he stopped...but thats just one scenario lol.
  11. The thing is, he doesn't do it in a joking manner. He does it to just be a fucking asshole. It's annoying.
  12. my friends do this to me, but mostly because i do it to them too, it's a love circle

  13. i second this
  14. I have 3 people I would consider my best friends, and they are all each others best friends to, I dont think much could break us 3. and we hang around with about 3-4 other good friends pretty much everyday..

    we all bust each other's balls, often, but its only to keep eachother on our toes, you cant be slacking in life and you always gotta be shooting for the stars, so when one of us fucks up, does something stupid, we definatly hear about it, but in a laughing matter.

    a couple of em take it a bit too seriously and view it as different as it meant..

    is this kid just being mean? and a douche bag? or is he letting you know when you fuck up to help you be a better person.

    obviously if you were such a dumbass he wouldnt want to hang out with you for any reason. so if he's there hes prolly really your friend.
  15. Yeah if it really is that bad, you should probably just stop being friends with him. It's one thing to joke but another thing to be just a blatant asshole.
  16. yeah, just start talking about some stuff that you know alot about that he doesnt and call him a dumbass when he doesn't know anything
  17. If I call him names back, it's only me sinking to his level which I'd like to NOT do.
    He calls me names because he says the things I say are "retarded", which, honestly, it's quite obvious HE is the one that does not understand.
  18. Have an intervention with some other friends of yours for him lol. Just tell him in a group, "Man this is rediculous. Either stop being a prick or we are going to stop pretending to be your friends."
  19. ...
    I don't have other friends, so I cannot do that. lol.

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