Does anyone have bipolar and use cannais with Risperdal?

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  1. Im just wondering cause now i have to take Risperdal because i get major anxiety attacks. My doctor says pot counter acts it but seeing as theres a whole new light on weed now i dont know how much of that is true (even from a doctor in a state whare its still illegal). I kinda wanna hear something from a fellow pot head or 2, just to collaborate info for myself. thanx guys your the best. no trolling please.
  2. You know about the other drugs shit...
  3. no just pot here.
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    Its bullshit in my experience, but we all react differently to different contraindications...

    However it never was all that effective for me.
  5. I am bi-polar with psychotic tendencies and weed actually balances my mood and anxiety much better than meds alone, but the meds do have their place they keep me at a balanced medium but adding weed to it puts me almost back to normal.

    It comes down to your personal experience, it may be great for you and it may cause you problems it just depends on the person and their mindset towards weed.
    also most psyches are always anti drug it's their job to sell you pharma medications of course they are gonna deny weed helps.
  6. I'm bipolar but I take something different for it.some meds are really effected by weed. But its all dependent on the person in reality. If you find yourself the least bit manic or depressed, chill on the weed for a little and see if you improve. The danger in bipolar is that you might feel realllllly good, and not want to take your meds or something and end up having an episode...its happened to me actually. You just have to be careful, even smoking can be hard for people with bipolar. Make sure you get enough sleep,daily excersise, meditaion,yoga... maybe keep a journal so you can better keep track of your moods.
    I've gotten panic attacks for most of my life, and I'm at a point when I can just close my eyes and breathe when I used to need medication to fix it before.
    You can pm me if you ever want some advice.
  7. treelover has a great point, there is a difference between doing something beneficial and self medication. I feel so bad telling people this but the truth is that none of us know you personally enough to tell you whats right and wrong for you it's on you to find you're own cure because noone else is gonna hunt it down for you. Just always stay on top of trying to better yourself beyond your disease. It took me years to realize that my problems don't define me i can bend them however i choose. Best of luck man
  8. i agree with you entirely but im not really self medicating. its just theres so much propaganda with weed on both sides of the coin. it seems to me the only way to get the truth (when it comes to marijuana) is to try to ascertain for your self these days. i especially like trree lovers point if you feel like your getting manicy chill out on the weed. by far i think thats the best advice i heard on the subject all week. lol.
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    Yay! Lol ..its just something I have experiance in. Trust me the last thing you want is to be hospitalized for mania. Smh....bipolar sucks, but with close attention and good care its totally liveable.
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  11. Yeah, but then again with bipolar, the science is generally fairly opinionated to start with...

    With only the DSM IV definition to go on, there isn't that great a consensus in the first place. I enjoyed the first of the links, but as it said the research was anecdotal, but having been compiled by Lester Grinspoon it was bound to be somewhat skewed.
  12. how is it that we know so much and yet so much is a guessing game, lol. one week milk causes cancer the next it cures it. so far in smoking weed with my meds i think moderation is the key. i use to smoke all day, lately just 2 hits of the pipe does the trick. i feel more relaxed, calm, and balanced. theres been a couple times when i found myself getting manicy with pot but only when i sucked down the smoke like i use to. these meds i have to say force me to enjoy pot more like a fine wine rather something else. and i think i like it better that way.
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    The whole thing with weed is that it becomes a need T breaks...and something to stabilze you in the meantime if you take that route. I have been through the whole thing with relying on becomes ineffective long term for controlling mania....Now, I love some rec use...dont get me

    The only thing I have found to control my manic episodes is Lamictal. Doesnt fuck with your head, make you 'dull', or dosed out...It took forever to find it...its a mood stabilizer...Been on the whole laundry list....I have been hospitalized for mania five times in 20 plus yrs....
    It has a generic now... I wouldnt have gotten through grad school without it...or maintained a job as a teacher for 11 years.

    I center my thinking about spritual shit and stop sleeping....I have extensive meandering thoughts about such in my thread on the matter....started when I was beginning my last manic epsiode at the beginning of the summer....callled 'Spiritual Growth' in the S&P section....its about my various experiences in the hospitals I have been in and things I have learned along the way. I got the hospital stays down to a week for me...Im staying on the its proven time and again this is what works for me.

    Bi-polar is a blessing and a has showed me true meaning in MY life for sure...
    You just have to control it if you want to make a life that helps you grow....that means taking care of yourself to stay balanced.....If I were rich and didnt have to keep a schedule I might consider staying that way....but I want to continue teaching kids. That is more important to me than a higher state of being....that is MY higher state of being...;)

    Also, what goes up must come down....after being in a hypomanic state for almost four months the first time after released from the hospital....dealing with coming back down to earth was pure I am talking about zoning out on the sun and Light....and feeling totally connected with 'God'/All/It/Source/Being...whatever label youd like to employ.....anything after that takes some gettin used

    *Here's the thread...I was progressing to a manic state during the first few pages....went to stay in the hospital at the beginning of July....then out in a week....and started writing about the experiences...skip to the end for those...Also, I post things as they strike me...
  14. ive been hearing lots of things about Lamictal surprisingly not from doctors. lol. i''ll defiantly look more into it now that some random guy on the internet suggests it. it must be a trend with bi polar people it seems alot of us like yoga, and spiritual stuff. maybe were just highly evolved and no one else can understand us.
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    Lamictal doesn't do shit for me :( and they want me on a huge dose too.

    My theory on weed and bi polar is just like my view on regular people and weed. For some people it works and then there are some people who don't handle it well. I think it's perfectly fine to use weed to help with Bi polar (not as a main treatment but a secondary) as long as you do it responsibly and don't let the weed unbalance your moods.The BEST way to keep the weed use as a beneficial thing is T breaks, ya they suck but they are necessary and you'll find the tolerance lowering effects to be real nice.

    @ untamedlion, most mental disorders usually started off as useful traits a long time ago before our civilization. Like my anxiety/bi polar would make me really useful as a watchman/guard because without meds i don't sleep at all and my senses are pretty much on full alert 24/17 (i have super hearing :D).

    My old doctor had a book or something that had a bunch of ideas about where mental disordes originated in evolution and why they emerged in the first place, really cool.
  16. lol...definitely hard to shutdown that state of mind.....its a good good feeling...definitely also feel like it attaining a higher state of consciousness when channled toward the know what Oneness really permeates everything...

    But as for least for me, it had bad next day effects...dosed out, dulled...did NOT want...

    Seroquel was less so...that is a powerful med...its what they give me now to 'knock' me out in the hospital, but was able to come off it once I started sleeping...such a shame to the brain needs that REM sleep.
  17. Oddly enough seroquel doesn't even make me sleepy just helps me sleep, that is the only drug i've taken for bi polar that actually did something.
  18. Hello. The best I can do is tell you what has worked for me. Everyone is different, which is why there are so many medicines on the market.

    I have bipolar 1 and find smoking quite useful because it helps me relax and not worry so much. Some people think that smoking contributes to anxiety. I only find this to be true if it is mixed with pain medications.

    I've taken Risperdal, and it did help with anxiety, but I slept too much while on it. So now I take diff meds. I wonder if mixing risperdal with weed would just make you uber sleepy. You could research it, but I don't think there are many studys on the subject, or not in the USA anyway.

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